Friday, May 30, 2014

Charm Swap 14 Weekly Update...

A short post this week...This week's update is from Anna of Severin Metals. She says "I am thinking of a little black heart wrapped in thorns and a tiny rough diamond bead or two." I love this idea, Anna! 

And Tosca of Nanopod says "The current idea rolling around my head is to create a glass pattern bar(s) with bronze frame-structure. I would like to
1. Fuse a pattern bar 
2. Cut/slice into random geometric forms.
3. Finish them either by hand w/silicone carbide & cerium oxide OR machine lap them through to a soft polish.Then (metal aspect)
4. build a frame work of some-sort to hold them. Either via lost wax process or hand fabricating.
That said, this could always develop into something else!" 

Tosca sent in some photos but I was unable to get them to show up here. So I linked each step to a photo of her prototypes. So click on the links above and check them out... The look great! See you next week with some more CS14 news! Michele

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