Thursday, May 22, 2014

3xR Etsy Metal Challenge week 19

Our soldering torches have been blazing and the stone setting tools have been getting well used if this week's selection is anything to go by.  Join us next week to see what our intrepid 3xR-ers have been digging out of their metal and stone stashes; reducing, reusing and recycling!

1.Panic Mama Jewelry Blue Topaz Dot Ring, 2. Harlequin Ocean Jasper Pearl Necklace, 3. Danielle Miller Jewelry Druzy and Pink Tourmaline Earring - 3xR/16, 4.Hartley Studio 3xR 15, 5.Virginie Martin Studio Green Opal Pendant - week18, 6.Panic Mama Jewelry Shimmer Oval Pendant

1.Panic Mama Jewelry Imperial Jasper Cloud Necklace, 2. Danielle Miller Jewelry Natural Surface Amazonite - Rx3/12-13, 3. Natural Surface Pendants - 3xR/9-11, 4.Sarah Hood Jewelry Montana Sapphire Twig Ring, 5. Pink Diamond Ring, 6. Two pendants

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