Thursday, May 8, 2014

3xR Etsy Metal Challenge 2014 week 17

Beautiful work from our hard working 3xR team members.  A 'Guardian Angel' brooch from Virginie Martin using a carnelian and a freshwater pearl and a Mexican fire opal ring. Sarah Hood is really spoiling us this week with her lilac and cream diamonds.  Cari-Jane Hakes' pieces incorporate a  limestone pebble and resin encapsulated Queen Anne's lace.  Gorgeous hammered textures from SCJ Jewelery Design and last but by no means least, shimmering blown glass beads in Anne Walker's piece. I wonder what they will all make next week?

1 and 2 Virginie Martin Studio 3 and 4 Sarah Hood Jewelry
5 and 6 Cari-Jane Hakes 7 SCJ Jewelry Design 8 Anne Walker Jewelry

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