Friday, October 12, 2007

Japanese Influence - Ceeb Wassermann

I saw this pendant and was totally amazed by it - and when I clicked on the photo I realized "hey, she's one of my gals!" I was so taken by the three dimensional look and the amazing detail. Oh the time and patience and saw blades it must have taken to make this piece. Just gorgeous.

Make sure to check out her shop for other Japanese influenced pieces. This one just happens to be my favorite at the moment!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Etsymetal featured member Rachael Sudlow

Cicada Wing Stud Earrings
Originally uploaded by sudlow
Rachael Sudlow is our current featured member on Her Etsy shop is stocked with a wide variety of organic and nature themed jewelry, like these Cicada Wing Stud Earrings. Visit her site and flickr to see more of what she's been up to.

Her laurel wreath hoop earrings, hand soldered in sterling silver, are another of my favorites.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Rings in the upcoming book '500 Wedding Rings'

A couple of days ago I received my acceptance letter for '500 Wedding Rings' and I'm quite pleased- needless to say! It is published by Lark Books and will be released in spring of 2008. I haven't seen it yet but have seen (and bought) most of the other books in the 500 Series and they've been wonderful. So it is extra nice!
'500 Wedding Rings' on

Below is the image that will be included in the book.

Pair of rings, 'I've loved you since the moment I met you' and 'I want to be your wife Always' (2006) by Colleen Baran

From the 'Like Wearing a Love Letter' Series
Materials- Polycarbonate, resin, thread, archival ink
Hand fabricated: hand written and sewn

A few more photos can be seen here

In the ‘Like Wearing a Love Letter’ series I wanted to make jewellery that was like a love letter. Like wearing a daydream, a memory or a thought of love. A bit more on

Monday, October 1, 2007

Asymmetric Spiky Earrings

new hotness
Originally uploaded by discomedusa
These asymmetric spiky earrings from DiscoMedusa are amazingly unique. My favorite part is the asymmetry - who needs two of the same for a pair of earrings?! These are simply fabulous. The ear hooks are 10g, but can be customized to either 12g or 14g. They are hand sculpted and fabricated by Caitlyn - (the creator behind DiscoMedusa Designs) and the metal is all sterling silver. Available in her shop - DiscoMedusa Designs.
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