Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ring in the New Year

Happy New Year from Etsy Metal! We are beginning 2010 with a new team challenge: a Ring-a-Day in January. Etsy Metal member Nina Dinoff suggested the idea and several members jumped on board. The challenge is open to anyone and everyone (not just EM folks)! Please join in on the fun! The idea is just to make a ring a day...out of anything. It can be a twist tie, a donut, an old t-shirt, or a 7 hour gold ring...whatever you like or have time for. The hope is that you will do this every day, wherever you are. Join us and post your daily pics in the flickr group: Ring a Day. We will be blogging the rings stay tuned...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Release Thursday!

We're bringing it back! Even though it is a really busy time for us all, we're still posting new items and will be giving you some direction towards shops that listed new stuff today!

Enjoy and happy shopping!

Beth Cyr
Colleen Baran
Danielle Miller
Mike and Mary

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Etsy Metal Finds

I saw a big bag of fresh cranberries at the store the other day and I contemplated buying them to string for the tree. But then I thought that would be too much work, so I just looked up "cranberry" on Etsy. I found some yummy stuff, too!

(From top left)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Review - Fantastic Mr. Fox

The holiday season is the perfect time to go to the movies and while
some of us are not “wild” to go see other so called canine related
movies, New Moon, I was keen to see Wes Anderson’s film on Roald Dahl
children’s novel Fantastic Mr. Fox.

This was not only Wes Anderson’s first animated film but 20th Century
Fox had not distributed a stop-motion prior to Fantastic Mr. Fox.
Most of the previous American based stop-motion animation films, such
as The Nightmare Before Christmas, James and the Giant Peach animation
director had been Henry Selick. Selick was asked to assist Anderson
on this project but left to create Coraline. Selick was replaced by
Mark Gustafson who I realized, after research, worked on claymation
movies like The Adventures of Mark Twain and Meet the Raisins which I
remember seeing as a child.

Everything about Fantastic Mr. Fox worked, from the writing, the
characters, direction and animation. Watching the movie you could see
the ties in style between Anderson’s previous films, such as actors
and Wes’s quirky sense of humor, but I was watching it more as an
animated art piece. The involvement and details the artists put into
creating the set, costumes and characters along with the animators
making the characters come to life on the screen were amazing. My
favorite scene has to be all the characters dancing; I swear one of
them was doing the robot.

Fantastic Mr. Fox is like the Robin Hood of the twenty first century
and the movie has an Ocean’s Eleven plot to it, which George Clooney,
who voices Mr. Fox, was in. However, what I found most interesting
about this movie was how it touched on the nature of animal instinct
and cross relating it to human characteristics and emotions. For
instance the fox survives by hunting for food because that is how they
evolved. Mr. Fox raids chicken farms to provide food for his family
and though he sworn it of in the past his urge to steal or “hunt”
again surfaces when his new home is located near three farmers.
While humans go through emotional changes especially in our teen years
and Mr. Fox’s son Ash was struggling to find his “fantastic” identity
while competing for his father’s affection. I think those little
details on what is being addressed is what makes this movie complete.

I recommend this movie to everyone and it is also a fun movie to take
your child to go see, though be warned the movie does touch on the
topic of animal death. They don’t deliberately show the animals
hunting but suggest it when Mr. Fox has a dead chicken in his mouth.
They also don’t use any profanity and instead use the word “cuss” when
suggesting it, which I found rather entertaining.

So if you have time off or need to distract a little one while the
other does some last minute shopping this is a great movie. I
definitely will see it again but in the meantime I need to work on my
whistling and clicking like Mr. Fox’s signature sound.

Review by Lauren Anabela Beaudoin

Monday, December 7, 2009

2009 December Blog Carnival

Several of the team choose participate in a once-a-month blog carnival. We converge on the first Monday of each month, writing about the same topic, from our own experience and interpretation.

It is my joy to bring you the little blurb each month. For December 2009; we asked: "What is your best jewellery memory?"

I am looking very forward to reading all of our members responses. I hope you enjoy! :)

Please Visit the blog's of this month's participants :)

Danielle Miller -

Sara Westermark

Andes Cruz Designs -

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Etsy Metal Pendant Swap

A couple months back in our team forum, - for EtsyMetal team, a pendant swap. 3 other ladies wanted to trade. So we made a swap.

And *WOW*.

How lucky I am these extremely talented artists wanted to swap!

wow, wow, wow.

Everyone went above and beyond, and pulled out the stops.

So thank you all - I feel blessed to have such a wonderful collection.

left to right:

tuizui, Andes Cruz Designs, howlindoggie, nanopod

And Below - detail shots: (top to bottom)

howlindoggie - Ceeb Wasserman

nanopod - Tosca Teran


Andes Cruz Designs

Friday, December 4, 2009

Upcoming Art Shows/Festivals

This is a busy weekend! So get out and shop local for all your presents (those for others as well as yourself!)

Dec. 5th

Beth Cyr - 283 Holiday Artist Market - Athens, GA, 11 - 5pm

bijougirldesigns - Handmade in the Arcadein downtown Nashville, TN, 1pm - 9pm

Rachael Sudlow
- Holiday Art Fest at the Lawrence Arts Center, Lawrence, KS

- Holiday Art Walk CircaArts Gallery in South Bend, IN, 11am - 5pm

Dec. 5-6

- Austin Museum of Art Holiday Art Festival

Dec. 6

Sara Westermark and Maggiejs - The Big Crafty, Asheville, NC

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Etsy Metal Finds

There's always the complaint that there's not much on Etsy for men. But perhaps the complaining comes from women (like me) who find it hard to shop for men anyway. I'm great at picking out things for my mom and sister and bff, because I just get them what I would want! But when it comes to buying for my dad, brother, grandfather and husband, I tend to be at a loss...
Hence this week's finds. I actually found some "manly" gifts that I think any guy might like. Thank heaven, 'cause this week, we're shopping for

(from top left)
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