Friday, July 30, 2010

Project Runway Season 8 Begins!

Hi everyone! As you know EtsyMetal likes to play along with Project Runway. We run a jewelry challenge that coincides with the weekly show hosted by the "My Lifetime" TV channel. We already are preparing for this first weeks challenge and are excited to get started
We hope you read along with us while we take this fun creative journey and we hope to make you smile! So please check back next Friday to see our Episode 1  pieces!

The Project Runway challenge: "The designers must use a garment from another designer's suitcase to create a new look."

EtsyMetal translation: "Last week we  randomly drawn names and have sent our scrap (pic above) to another participating member so they can bring new life to these pieces above! It will be interesting and really fun to see what happens with their metamorphosis! Please check back on August 6th to see what these artists created! Thanks for reading!"
View the MyLifetime Project Runway Episode 1 video here!

Work of Art Challenge: Episode 7: "Childs Play"

Episode 7: Child's Play
Bravo TV Aired: July 21, 2010

The artists find themselves in the Children’s Museum of the Arts, filled with finger paint portraits and crayon collections. Their challenge is to create a work that is symbolic of the moment their artistic expression began, using only kid-friendly materials to create an adult masterpiece.

EtsyMetal Jewelry Translation: Last week we asked our team members to create a piece that has some personal connection and representation to their childhood. And below are the pieces they came up with!

"The Modern Macaroni"

For this challenge I was kind of stumped. I could not really pin down a pivotal point in my childhood where I decided I wanted to be an artist or anything like that. I have many memories of just always creating while I played, making dirt roads and towns for my Tonka trucks (I did not play with dolls), melting crayons with a magnifying glass into pools of swirling colors on the patio, building crazy contraptions just to turn the light off from my bed using string and eye screws, contraptions to dump beads on your head if you snuck into my room unannounced. I just liked to draw and make things. Feels pretty much like what I do now! So this little  modern macaroni necklace is an iconic symbol for every ones childhood. I think it may be the one thing almost most of you can remember making as a youngster? So I took the easy way out and made the familiar for everybodys amusement and memories. Materials: Sterling Silver, Copper.

Kira says, "I did a winged insect ring. When I was 5 we lived in the desert. There were so many amazing, colorful insects and lizards. I had a little collection of insects that I thought were so beautiful. Especially the iridescent blue/green ones."

Amanda says, "The first creative memory I have is when I was about 4 and I sewed a doll out of my mom's fabric scraps. It had lace hair and a sewed on face with a little handmade dress. For this challenge, I replicated it with metal. She's made out of brass and silk. The pigtails, head and arms and legs all move."

Inbar says, "I always love this picture of mine... in my parents backyard lonely crying with my two Ruthie(s) dolls that were with me until I left my parents house .... I had to do something for me!"

Next weeks Episode 8: "Opposites Attract"
The artists are paired and must create works about opposing forces:

Heaven and Hell
Male and Female
Order and Chaos

EtsyMetal Jewelry Translation: For this episode we are asking our team members to make a piece that depicts both opposing forces, pick one of the three pairings!

Please check on back to see what is created for Episode 8!
Scheduled to be posted on Thursday, August 5th!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Work of Art Challenge: Episode 6: "Open to the Public"

Episode 6: Open to the Public
Air date: July 14th 10pm PST

In this episode 6, The remaining artists are challenged to create a large-scale, outdoor installation piece. The artists must put egos aside and collaborate effectively in order to create a public art masterpiece in just two days. The challenge culminates in a public viewing.

EtsyMetal Jewelry Translation... for this episode we asked participants to all make a charm, these charms are being mailed to me as we speak. These charms will be put onto a handmade charm holder and the be available in our "public" EtsyMetal Team shop. Below is a preview of all the charms submitted!
If you go to the link you will see all the other extra charms in our shop from previous swaps we have participated in. Have fun looking around, and thank you for reading our blog.

8.10.10 This is what it looks like all finished!
We will be listing this in our team shop very soon!

Sterling Silver, Oxidized

*EtsyMetak Team tag:
Sterling Silver, Etched

Stacey Hansen - Wildflower Designs
Sterling Silver, Mexican Lace Agate

Amanda Conley - BijouGirl
"Charmed, I'm sure"
Sterling Silver, 14 karat Gold

Andrea Ring - AmuckDesign
Sterling Silver, Stop Sign

This charm is Ferdinand the Bull.
Sterling Silver, Gemstone, Oxidized

Victoria Takahashi - Experimetal
Sterling Silver, Pearl, Oxidized

Sterling Silver, Peridot,  Etched

Victoria Takahashi - Experimetal
*Hand made Charm Holder:
Sterling Silver, Oxidized

Next weeks Episode 7: Childs Play
Quote from Bravo TV: "The artists find themselves in the Children’s Museum of the Arts, filled with finger paint portraits and crayon collections. Their challenge is to create a work that is symbolic of the moment their artistic expression began, using only kid-friendly materials to create an adult masterpiece."

EtsyMetal Jewelry Translation... "Please create a piece that has some personal connection and representation to your childhood !"

Please check on back to see what is created  for Episode 7!
Scheduled to be posted on Thursday, July 29th!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Etsymetal's Ring a Day Project goes to SNAG!!!

EtsyMetal's Ring a Day SNAG Exhibition Announcement

Colleen Baran's 1/365 Ring a Day

EtsyMetal is pleased to announce that the Ring a Day Project has been accepted as an exhibit for the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG) upcoming Annual Conference in Seattle, Washington. The EtsyMetal team has partnered with the PUNCH Gallery for this exhibit. RAD, a Ring a Day for 365 days” curated by Colleen Baran, Shannon Conrad and Sara Westermark will run from Thursday, May 5 to Sunday, May 29, 2011. Other members of the curating committee include Kathryn Cole, Nina Dinoff, Nina Gibson and Victoria Takahashi.

Represented work will range from ephemeral and conceptual art rings to functional jewelry. The exhibit will feature 365 rings, representing a ring a day and encompassing the full span of the year. The layout will also include photographic documentation of select temporary and conceptual art rings. Rings will be chosen by the EtsyMetal curators and will illustrate the highlights and accomplishments of many hundreds of international members, selected from over 10,000 rings.

The Ring a Day project (or RAD) is an open challenge to metalsmiths and other artists across the globe to make one ring a day, out of any material, for the entire year of 2010. The genesis of the Ring a Day project is based on an exercise taught by Ellen Wieske at Haystack. The Flickr project, which was initially proposed by Nina Dinoff, was intended as an EtsyMetal team challenge to set a daily routine of exploration and an experiment to see what could develop over the course of a year.

On a daily basis, the rings are created, photographed, and posted to the Ring a Day Flickr photo group by each participant. The majority of the artists represented here have discovered this project through social media networks such as Flickr, EtsyMetal, Etsy, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and of course word of mouth. This project reflects a population of metalsmiths and jewelry makers who are facile with current online technology.

Shannon's Conrad's 200/365 Ring a Day

Visit the public RAD group and join the project-

For more info-

Punch Gallery in Seattle, Washington

Monday, July 19, 2010

How to make a simple wire claw / prong setting.

Ok, deep CAN be done. You CAN make your own claw setting. There are lots of tutorials for bezel settings, and those settings can certainly contain a faceted stone, but sometimes a little more light and colour will show off the stone better. Below is an "x-wire claw setting", containing an an Aventurine CZ. It's my favourite setting because it's barely-there. I was taught how to make this setting by my tutor at Central Saint Martins, way back in 1990. I have added my sketches just to clarify the photos.

Of course you can buy claw settings, some are nasty, some are nice. If you can learn this setting I'm showing you here, then you'll find it versatile because although I'm showing you how to make a specific shape and size, once you've made the setting you will understand that the shape can be any shape. The size can be any size (scale up the diameter of the wire accordingly). You could certainly make this setting with 6 or even 8 prongs for larger stones. Make this first, then you'll understand.

1. I'm using a round, 5mm CZ and 0.5mm round wire. Use hard solder throughout the process.

2. Put the stone upside down on a flat surface and make a circle of wire (jumpring) which sits on the stone just below the girdle (widest part of the stone). You can see the jumpring is the same width as the girdle. Take the circle off the stone and solder it closed. 

3. Now make another jumpring which exactly fits inside the 1st one you made.

4. Here you can see how by making one circle perfectly fit inside the other, the gap between the 2 circles when they are on the stone is just right. The Culet (bottom pointy bit) is not protruding beyond the smaller ring.

5. Now make a number 4 that is at least twice the size of your circles, as above. This number "4" is your cross, but made from one piece of wire instead of balancing 2 bits of wire together...much easier.

6. Use a punch with a cross filed out of it to gently punch the centre of your "4". This will squash the wires slightly where they overlap, so that they are no longer one-on-top-of-the-other and instead, on the same plane. If you punch too hard, you'll sever your wires and you'll have to start again.

You can make the punch with a big cheap nail from a hardware store (cheap ones are not hard strong steel, and therefore easy to file), just file the top flat with a large flat file, then use a triangular needle file to create your cross grooves. Clean all steel off your files thoroughly before you use them with silver again, or keep those files for steel only...otherwise particles of steel will corrode your silver when it's heated and your pickle will turn into a copper plating solution...all silver will go pink.

7. solder the "4" / cross together at the central overlap where you punched. Now, place your larger jumpring on one side of your cross, dead centre, and flux, warm up to set in position, place fluxed solder on each branch of the cross next to the jumpring and carefully solder into position.

8. Pickle the setting. Turn it over and solder your smaller jumpring onto the other side, dead centre as above.

9. If you are going to solder your setting onto a piece where you will be able to see under the stone setting to let light through, then DO NOT SAW OUT THE MIDDLE JUST YET. If as in my ring at the top of this post, you are soldering the setting onto a piece that will back the setting then you have to saw out the middle cross of the setting now.

Notice I have also used a half-round file to file the inside neat and to taper the interior form to accept the sloping form of the stone. It is more difficult to solder the setting into place if you have sawn out the centre cross, as the prongs (claws) are now not braced together. If you can saw out and file up after the setting is soldered onto the piece then there's less risk of the setting collapsing if you aren't sharp enough with the soldering.

10. Here is stone in setting so far. Now, bend up the prongs with pliers (you could saw a little nick into the wire prongs where they touch the circle, so that it bends up easier if you want). solder each prong to the top jumpring with tiny pieces of solder. If you've used a little too much solder already on the piece, then just flux and what is already there, will flow.

11. Next, use flush wire cutters to trim the prongs down so that when they fold over, the tips will be resting on the side of the stone above the girdle, but not on the face ("table") of the stone. Shape the tips neat and tapered by filing. In this picture you can see that I have made my top jumpring so that it slightly frames the stone, but traditionally you would have none of it showing at's up to you.

12. Solder your setting onto the piece with Medium, or if you aren't overly confident, with Easy solder. You might want to use a very fine paintbrush and apply rouge paste or some other solder-stop, to protect the solder joins on this piece. Whatever you use, don't get the solder-stop anywhere you are about to solder. I didn't use any solder stop when I soldered this setting onto the ring. I soldered with Medium solder and heated the piece mainly from underneath, bringing the heat to the top, close to the setting at the last possible second. As soon as the solder flashed I pulled the heat away at top speed.

12. When the setting is in place and everything is polished and ready to go, pop your stone in the setting and with your pusher (one of these above), push one prong over gently, then the opposite prong over gently then the other two. Go round the prongs again, working opposite prongs so as not to skew the stone in its setting, bit by bit until the claws are making good contact with the stone. I keep the flat surface of my pusher gently roughed with fine emery paper, so that it doesn't slip. You can burnish or polish the tips of the prongs afterwards for a shine with a buffing stick. Do not use a buffing machine, the mop will catch the prongs.

I really hope this is helpful. It's hard to find a how-to for this simple setting these days and it is a skill being lost. If you prefer to set your faceted stones with a bezel, then see my tutorial here. Check out the other EtsyMetal tutorials by clicking on Tutorials in the tag menu on the right-hand side.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Etsy Metal Finds

One of the most pervasive icons of summer seems to be the moth. They flutter by, in search of light and a mate, with only a short time to live. Moths range drastically in size and nature, but they all seem to share that bit of magic that comes with being night dwellers. May the moths in your life be beautiful and bright!

From left to right:

Alter Ego Tank by Erin Alexandra Klym

La Femme Fatale Spider Pillow by Branch and Birdie

Swarm of Golden Moths original watercolor by Golly Bard

Saturday, July 17, 2010

EtsyMetal Weddings

Many of our members have been busy making beautiful wedding bands and engagement rings. We even started an entirely separate blog to showcase these fabulous designs and the designers. If you haven't taken a look, please do so! Not only are there some great images, but our main blogger Andrea is a wonderfully witty writer!

Check it out here!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Work of Art Challenge: Episode 5: "Art That Moves You"

Episode 5: Art That Moves You
Air date: June 30th 10pm PST; Bravo TV

In this episode 5, the contestants are given a fleet of cars and told to drive them through New York City, ultimately arriving at the Audi Forum. An artist’s city often serves as a source of inspiration, and for their elimination challenge, the artists must create a piece of work that is reflective of their experience driving through the streets of Manhattan.

EtsyMetal Jewelry Translation... Please make a piece that involves "cars" somehow!

Inbar says, "I love car wheels! For the head of the screws (I couldn't decide on the color,
I used blue topaz, amethyst, peridot. garnet and citrine."

Kira says, "For episode 5 the theme of our challenge was "cars". I kept thinking "road trip..."

Victoria says, "For this challenge my dear sweet partner says, "why don't you make an engine?" I said, "No."  So he begins to show me all these car parts and I stop him when I see this freaking gorgeous Hilborn fuel injector stacks. Please let my heart be still, I do not think I did these beauties any justice but they definitely were all my inspiration for this piece. Their wonderful shapes is a favorite of mine so how could I not indulge?The little stacks in my ring wiggle around in the setting. Materials: Sterling Silver, Oxidized and Fabricated"

"Thank you all for reading our team blog!"
Quote from Bravo TV: "The remaining artists are challenged to create a large-scale, outdoor installation piece. The artists must put egos aside and collaborate effectively in order to create a public art masterpiece in just two days. The challenge culminates in a public viewing."

Please check on back to see our collaborative creation for Episode 6!
We will be making a "one-of-a-kind" cluster of charms necklace that will be available in our EtsyMetal team shop.

Scheduled to be posted on Thursday, July 22nd!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Charm Swap 6

Hi again

Time is short my friends. I have two new hints of what will be on our next swap.
Erga has finished her prototype: "'I'm calling it "Opposing Forces" - Partly inspired by the "Chaos/Control" double-sided Kandinski in "Six Degrees of Separation," but also a reflection of the competing design forces in my work (geometric vs. organic), and meant to allude to a window and clouds, sort of an indoor/outdoor, structure/nature thing. Or just interesting shapes cut out and hammered together"

Meg from SimplyMega after finishing her prototype began full time manufacturing her 22 charms!
"Each charm will be different as they will be fabricated rather than cast. Each will contain silver wire and a copper starfish.:

Till now we have 3 charm out of 20 !
I can't wait to see what we are going to have in this charm swap! Really! I am so excited !!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Etsy Metal Finds

Summer has finally arrived in the Northwest. While other parts of the country were suffering through heat waves (and still are), our summer doesn't 'really' start until after July 4. That's the story, anyway. And all this heat gets me thinking about....the beach! Oh, to lounge seaside listening to waves, shrieks of laughter (or because the Pacific Ocean is so cold!), and feel the heat of the sun.
Of course, one would need.....

A lovely beach towel....

A striking bathing suit....

And some great shades.

From the Top:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Work of Art Challenge: Episode 4: "A Shock to the System"

Episode 4: Shocking Piece of Art

Air date: June 30th 10pm PST; Bravo TV
In this episode 4, the artists are challenged to create a piece that is shocking and memorable, and speaks to issues that are important to them personally. An originator of provocative and controversial imagery.
EtsyMetal Jewelry Translation... however you interpret this, simply make a shocking piece of jewelry!

*See her video here!
Tomi says, "I used the piezoelectric igniter from a butane grill lighter, the ring shocks the wearer when the button is pushed. It doesn't hurt too badly, but reverberates through the copper well enough that it's oddly uncomfortable and kinda scary. I pulled out the wire that sends the shock for last part of the video, you can sorta see the spark. I would like to play with the design more. At one point I had the wire running into the silver button cap to shock the pusher, which is also fun.
The piezoelectric igniter is an interesting device. According to Wikipedia, "It consists of a small, spring-loaded hammer which, when a button is pressed, hits a crystal of PZT or quartz crystal. Quartz is piezoelectric, which means that it creates a voltage when deformed. This sudden forceful deformation produces a high voltage and subsequent electrical discharge." Pretty cool, but it takes quite a bit of force to push the button, I'd like to find a substitute."

Victoria Takahashi/ Experimetal

Title: Sticker Shock!
Victoria says, "I decided to go with word play this week. My goal this week was to find something shocking without it being sexual or disgusting like on the Bravo show, I wanted that feeling of "Shock to still apply." So I am hoping people who didn't know about this challenge would wander into my Etsy shop and go wtf!? Why is this ring so much!? This was my intention anyway :) To just be silly!
Materials: 10 gauge Sterling Silver, thread."

Title: Blood Diamond Ring

Severed hand in grotesquely large diamond
Norsola says, "The challenge this week was to create a shocking piece... I've rambled on about it (too long to write here) on my blog." Materials: Sterling silver, resin, plastic, inks."

Stacey says, "for my shocking piece, I wanted to do something seemingly sweet and good on the outside but dirty on the inside. "

Inbar says, "No words needed (I think...)"

Thank you all for reading our team blog!
Please come back to see what inspires from this weeks Episode 5:
 "Art That Moves You"
scheduled to be posted on
Thursday, July 15th!

Blog Carnival 07.08.10 - If you couldn't make jewelry, what would you do instead?

This month's blog carnival topic is:

If you couldn't make jewelry, what would you do instead?

Make sure to check out all the participants for this month's blog carnival:

Friday, July 2, 2010

Work of Art Challenge Episodes 1,2 & 3!

Hi Ya' all! EtsyMetal is having another jewelry challenge! We are in between seasons of Project Runway and got inspired by this new Bravo TV series called "Work of Art". It is a reality show about Artists, they give them a new challenge every week and it has been very inspiring, so we decided to do a corresponding jewelry challenges for our team members. So here are the first 3 episodes, we began this a bit late so we will be right on schedule for next week's episode 4; A Shock to the System," this weeks post is a bit long but I hope you like what you see and see!

"The artists size up their competition and are randomly put into pairs for their first elimination challenge. They learn that after only one night together, their mission is to create a piece of art that captures the essence of a fellow competitor."

"EtsyMetal Jewelry Translation"
After you get your partner, you will each take your perception of their essence and create a piece that Is YOU but reflects something you feel about them. Definitely not copy but your interpretation.

Norsola says, "A portrait of Tomi... The first word that sprang to mind when thinking of her was: wit. There is so much of it in her work... I see wit as stemming from perceptivity and reflection... to be witty is in many ways to be a mirror... to succinctly and humorously reflect back what one perceives... to reflect (to think), and reflect back. I was also inspired by her awesome use of texture and copper...  Materials: Sterling silver, copper, mirrors, paper."

Tomi says, "I was initially going to put the cello in one of my shadowboxes, but chose instead to include the frame to suggest a box, and now that it's finished the frame reminds me of a doorway or window. The stars and galaxies are recurrent themes in Norsola's work (and one of the band's record labels is Constellation), so I added the natural white zircon."

Amanda says, "This raw emerald piece is a portrait of Victoria Takahashi, who's inspirational pieces offer the wearer mystery, layers, texture, movement and a certain romanticism, and always a natural organic-ness.
I used sterling silver, 14 karat gold and an uncut emerald. Around the top, there is the word "inspire," not only because I have been inspired by Vic's work (although in large part, due to,) but also because she motivates us to create by heading up our Etsy Metal challenges. Thank you Victoria!"

Victoria says, "I drew Amanda! "She makes beautiful jewelry and from all her pictures she is very beautiful too! I have not ever met her in person but she is my fellow team member. Her work feels romantic, feminine, graphic and palyful. She uses flowers often in her pieces, so this aspect really stood out for me and I chose to make some flowers to reflect her feminity and a symbol she uses often.  Materials: Sterling Silver, oxidized. "

Inbar says, "The theme this week is portraits and I was paired with Kira Ferrer.
I had never met Kira - I know her virtually. To me Kira looks like an angel, delicate and beautiful. I made Kira a flower star delicate in look set with IF Tanzanite."

Kira says, "This is my portrait of Inbar. I discovered that Inbar used to do textile design. I see that in her work with her use of intricate surface patterns, something I can relate to as I also used to do textile design. I wanted to reflect the elegant, decorative nature of her work. Plus, our Inbar is a dynamic, majestic person, so I incorporated the fleur de lis to represent that energy."

2 Roses says, "This expresses our impression of Kathryn Cole as a delicate and complex person on the inside with a strong protective outer ring. It also mirrors her love of floral forms and echos a bit of the lines seen in her work. Carved bone and sterling silver 1.75in dia."

Kathryn says, "My piece was created as a look into the essence of 2 Roses work and their inspirations. My window represents looking into their studio and see their collaborations together and the magic that inspires. The window also can be interpreted as a frame that represents the pieces of amazing artwork that they as two create together. Each piece John and Corliss create is a Work of Art. I was also inspired by their leaf series. And the two leaves represent the two of them. Their work spans so many interests and are All amazing pieces of Art."

Nina says, "Portrait of Sara Westermark. I love silhouettes and I found a profile photo of Sara in her flickr - I'm not sure how much it actually resembles her, never having met, so I gave it a leaf print and used her little squiggle detail at the neck. Materials: Copper and Sterling Silver."

Sara says, "My partner for this challenge was Nina Gibson. I think of her and her work as fun, spontaneous, adventurous and most of all playful. I wanted to make a piece that was a wearable "toy". I had ring toss stuck in my head after spending some time outside with my kids. I added the tube set rhodolite garnets to reflect her sweetness and her happy disposition. This was a fun project!"

"For their second challenge, the artists are taken to an appliance graveyard filled with televisions, toaster ovens, and an array of broken electronics. Using the trash heap as their canvas, the artists are charged
with transforming one man’s trash into another man’s piece of art."

"EtsyMetal Jewelry Translation"
Participants should take an old electronic found object and incorporate it into their piece, OR if you do not want to use alt materials then feel free to just use the idea of one for inspiration!

Amanda says, "It's made from brass and sterling silver, and I utilized old sanding wheels as my "found objects." Both wheels are attached with rivets and are free spinning."

Tomi says, "Call me Orange, or Orange you Going to Call Me?"  Materials: Copper, sterling silver, 18k gold, cell phone keypad, spessartine garnet."

Norsola says, "Lit - lantern pendant made from an old amp tube.  Materials: Sterling silver, copper, amp tube."

Victoria says, "I am calling this piece "Amblyopic Opera Glasses."  "I found one side of a binocular lens on the beach, gutted it and used that for the blinky part along with a LED light from an old bar party favor.
The other side is a magnifying lens. These are totally useless and you cant see with them at all, but I had fun with the concept! I really just made a toy!  Materials: Copper, Brass, Steel, file handle, binocular lens, LED light, oxidized.

2 Roses says, This week its time to bring in the trash. The challenge was to find some garbage and make something of it. Two little piggies that we are, this is our meat n' tatters. It just happened to be garbage day when we started this challenge. So, just to up the anty on ourselves, we limited ourselves to whatever we could find at the neighbor's curbside art supply. As luck would have it, the guy two houses down was reflooring his bedroom with bamboo. This left a shitload of small bamboo scraps for us. We love America. We also like to play with fire. What would happen if we took a soldering iron to the bamboo, we thought to ourselves? Magic!A little carving, a little burning and Viola! Bamboo hearts. Sterling silver, bamboo, bad habits. 1.75" x .75"w

The contestants meet the President and Publisher from one of the largest book publishers in the world, who guides them through the impressive history of the marriage of art and literature. For their elimination challenge, the artists are charged with creating innovative cover art for a classic novel.

EtsyMetal Jewelry Translation:
This week choose a book from the list below and make a representational piece of the book. Pretend it will be the jewelry piece that is sold along with the book when it launches. Something that represents characters in your book or represents the book idea in general. Below were our choices to be inspired from:

Frankenstein-Mary Shelley
Dracula-Bram Stoker
Alice in Wonderland-Lewis Carrol
Pride and Prejudice-Jane Austen
The Time Machine-H.G. Wells
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-Robert Louis Stevenson

Tomi says, "For the EtsyMetal Work of Art Challenge, a reversible pendant based on Stevenson's "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde". Sterling silver, copper, brass, 18k gold, indicolite tourmaline."

Kira says, "Judging a Book by Its Cover/ Pride and Prejudice
Materials: Sterling silver, brass, copper."

Inbar says, "I picked Alice in Wonderland."
Amanda says, "It's a necklace inspired by Alice in Wonderland. It's hollow formed from sterling silver with a 4mm peridot for the "bottle stopper."

2 Roses says, "A list of titles were provided to choose from, among the Pride and Prejudice and Frankenstien. We chose Pride and Prejudice.Actually, we'd been planing to make some neck bolts for quit a while. This just gave us the extra kick to get'em done. The best part is that the bolts are fully functional which Corliss proved by hooking up a standard car battery to them. This was quite effective in knocking John on his ass for several minutes, with the side benefit of quite monstrous behavior when he began to regain consciousness."
Victoria says, "I am calling this piece Through the Looking Glass." 
"I picked Alice in Wonderland, it was really hard to pick from the many ideas from that creative story!? I was selfish and decided to get a project done that Ive been wanting and needing for awhile. When I go to the grocery store I cannot read the labels anymore!? So, this is my new old lady magnifier, Oh I also tried a new technique that I was shown last summer, I sandcast the rabbit, it was pretty fun!  Materials: Sterling Silver, Lens, Oxidized."

In this episode the artists are challenged to create a piece that is shocking and memorable, and speaks to issues that are important to them personally. An originator of provocative and controversial imagery.

EtsyMetal Jewelry Translation... "Please make a shocking piece of jewelry!"

See ya' all next week, Thursday July 8th!
Thanks for reading the EtsyMetal Blog! 
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