Thursday, February 28, 2008

Handy Tip!

I print most of my postage online, but those good old fashioned stamps still have their use. To keep them sorted on my chaos of a desk, I use little 35mm film cannisters to keep them rolled up.
To do this, all you need to do is slice a little slit in the side of each & then thread the roll of stamps through, allowing you to pull out what you need. Easy peasy!

Martha Stewart gone EtsyMetal!

Congrats to two of our members Kathryn Riechert and Elizabeth Scott who will have their pieces featured on the Martha Stewart show on Friday Feb. 29th - there will be several other fabulous Etsy shops featured as well, but we are so proud of our own we just had to share!! There is an article about the feature on the Etsy website - Storque Article - Its wonderful to see some great press about Etsy and most importantly our special gals!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Initial Necklace by Alicia Istanbul

I had to post this necklace by Alicia Istanbul (one of our new members) which just arrived yesterday. It's going to be my new favorite. It's 3/4" with a nice rolo chain, made of sterling and fine silver. Thanks Alicia :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tube Setting Tutorial

You will need…
Hand Drill
Silver Tube
Stone-Setting Bur

Making a 3mm Faceted Citrine Stacking
You will need a shank of some kind. This is hammered 2mm wire.
For the setting, you will need tubing of approx. 3.5mm outer
diameter and 2.5mm inner

Putting it Together

Solder setting onto shank

Preparing the Setting

Place ring in vice and drill out the setting

Check Setting
Check with a loupe that the seating is even

Looks okay!

Checking Stone
Check with a loupe that there is enough of an edge to push over the stone
Check stone sits straight in the setting

Preparing to set Stone

Remove the stone from the setting and
gently file and emery around the top of the setting

Make sure setting is smooth and tapered all the way around

Setting the Stone
Check stone in setting again
Hold stone steady with finger nail and carefully push over edges on opposite sides, then all around


Use a burnisher to even out any creases and bring out shine on setting

This is purely optional, but tumbling with mixed stainless steel shot polishes the ring and strengthens the setting

Completed Piece

After four and a half hours in the tumbler, you should have a perfectly-set, beautiful shiny ring!
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