Saturday, March 28, 2015

What's New!

This week's lovelies from etsymetal studios!

 Quercus Silver                                                         LjBjewelry

 Nina Gibson Designs                                        Debbie Ritchie

          wildflowerdesigns                                              2Roses                         

 Lauren Meredith                                              Amity Jewelry

 Cynthia Del Giudice                                Form and Funktion

 KSkilesJewelry                                                     bluepiranha

 Panicmama Jewelry                                           Juju by Sarah

  sudlow                                                        Jen Lawler Designs

VirginieMartinStudio                                     JazznJewelry  

 Christine Mighion Jewelry                               ZleslieJewelry

 lsueszabo                                                         LauraRoberson

          Michele Grady Designs                       Regina Marie Designs

betsybensen                                        Peggie Calame Jewelry

Thursday, March 26, 2015

EMCS15: Charm Swap Update - The Final Progress Report

A mere 5 days to go until charms are due in Renee's hands! Our participants are working like crazy (I hope!!) to finish their charms and get them in the mail.

We have a lot of updates and progress photos to share this week so, let's get to it!

Michele of MicheleGradyDesigns gives us this update:

"I have used CopprClay to make little skulls from the molds I made last week. For those of you who know anything about pottery they are in the "greenware" state at the moment. Which means they have not been put in the kiln and are still soft enough to work like clay. I still have to let them dry a little more, clean them up and fire them in the kiln before they will become metal."

And her finished charms:

Ann from Tuizui is done! Here's what she has to say:

"Inspired by antique weathervanes and folk art-----"Swim,float,fly charm"

Laney from Silentgoddess (hey, that's me!) has made some serious progress:

"Here's what I am working on. I am doing my antique bronze Gadabout travel trailers and adding a cocoa brown flush set CZ as a hubcap.

Bail holes drilled

Initial finishing work

Cocoa brown CZs flush set in place

Reagan of ReaganHayhurst says:

"All finished and ready to ship out tomorrow."

Anna of SeverinMetals says:

"Mine are ready to ship out today!"

Nina of NinaGibsonDesigns is up next. She is happy to say:

"Finished! Packing and shipping today or tomorrow!"

Victoria of Experimetal says:

"Charm Swap 15 work-in-progress, they are nearly done and ready to fly off to their new homes."

"just a few birds in the hand"

And we wrap up this week's update with a progress report from Andrea of AmuckDesign:

"Almost there! pieces are cut finally and tonight I will solder,sand and polish."

And that is all I have for this week. Charms are due to Renee by next Tuesday, March 31st. Once she has them in her hands, she will get them sorted out and then shipped back to the participants. I will wrap EMCS15 up with a final blog post in the coming weeks. Thanks so much and until next time...

Saturday, March 21, 2015

What's New!

etsymetal = hand crafted, unique, artisan jewelry you will love : )

   Lilia Nash                                                                      sudlow

Nina Gibson Designs                                               lsueszabo

2Roses                                                         wildflowerdesigns

     Amity Jewelry                                                   BluePiranha

 simplyMegA                                                   Lauren Meredith

                      Quercus Silver                         Victoria Takahashi/Experimetal

 SCJJewelryDesign                              Michele Grady Designs

ZLeslieJewelry                                     VirginieMartinStudio

 KSkilesJewelry                                                     JazznJewelry

 PureDichotomy                                                         Prox

      Panicmama Jewelry by Renee Ford                Jewelry by Francine

betsybensen                                                     LjBJewelry

Peggie Calame Jewelry

Thursday, March 19, 2015

EMCS15: Charm Swap Update

Short on time this week, but not short on content!

We have lots of progress shots. Here we go:

Michele of MicheleGradyDesigns shares this teaser!

"I have made molds from some carved stones that I would like to make into metal clay charms. I'm not sure what kind metal clay I will be using as of yet. They will be either made from copper clay, white copper clay or bronze clay...or maybe all of the above!

Nina Gibson of NinaGibsonDesigns writes:

"The squares are now cut, drilled, edges hammered, name stamped, annealed and pickled. Read for their next step!"

Work in progress shots from Ann of Tuizui

Anna of SeverinMetals shared her progress shots:

Francine of JewelrybyFrancine is DONE!

And finally we wrap up this week's charm swap post with a work in progress shot from Victoria of Experimetal:

Victoria writes, "Charm progress, saw, saw, saw, file, file, file and then stamp, stamp and stamp some more and then to assemble, patina and add their finish! Almost done kinda."

We are down to the final stretch. Charms are due in Renee's hands in less than two weeks on March 31st. We are pretty excited about this swap's charms. It is going to be an amazing collection!

Until next time...

Saturday, March 14, 2015

What's New

This week's offering from etsymetal team. Each piece designed and handcrafted with care by the artist. 

 sudlow                                                                     Prox

kskilesjewelry                                                       2Roses

 Christine Mighion Jewelry                    Michele Grady Designs

       Victoria Takahashi/Experimetal                         Debbie Ritchie

 Lilia Nash Jewellery                           Danielle Miller Jewelry

lsueszabo                                                          Quercus Silver

Lauren Meredith                                                  LjBjewelry

VirginieMartinStudio                                        betsybensen



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