Saturday, May 31, 2014

What's New!

The end of May brings a lovely collection of new work from the various studios of etsymetal members!

 2Roses                                                           KSkilesJewelry

lsueszabo                                                               LjBjewelry

 Sarah Hood Jewelry                            Cynthia Del Giudice

 wildflowerdesigns                                          Juju by Sarah

    AmityJewelry                               Michele Grady Designs

 simplyMegA                                                   severinmetals

annewalkerjewelry                                  NRjewellerydesign

Diana Anton                                             Jewelry by Francine

FentonDesign                                       Peggie Calame Jewelry

Friday, May 30, 2014

Charm Swap 14 Weekly Update...

A short post this week...This week's update is from Anna of Severin Metals. She says "I am thinking of a little black heart wrapped in thorns and a tiny rough diamond bead or two." I love this idea, Anna! 

And Tosca of Nanopod says "The current idea rolling around my head is to create a glass pattern bar(s) with bronze frame-structure. I would like to
1. Fuse a pattern bar 
2. Cut/slice into random geometric forms.
3. Finish them either by hand w/silicone carbide & cerium oxide OR machine lap them through to a soft polish.Then (metal aspect)
4. build a frame work of some-sort to hold them. Either via lost wax process or hand fabricating.
That said, this could always develop into something else!" 

Tosca sent in some photos but I was unable to get them to show up here. So I linked each step to a photo of her prototypes. So click on the links above and check them out... The look great! See you next week with some more CS14 news! Michele

3XR Etsy Metal Challenge Week 20

Please enjoy the lovely 3XR offerings of our challenge participants this week! Be sure to check back each week to see the clever and beautiful ways our team is making use of on-hand materials.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Members' News for the month of June

Hi everyone!  It's the end of May and hope everyone's summer is in full swing.  I know I am here.  I am getting ready for a show as are many of our etsy metal team members.  It's art fair season!
Here's where some of us will be next month,

L. Sue Szabo (that's me folks)  will have a booth of her jewelry at this year's Maple and Main Fair, in downtown Sylvania, OH. The fair is May 31-June 1st. Please come by!  Click on the link for times etc.
Sue is also exhibiting work in the show Less Is More, a national show of small works at St. John's College in Annapolis MD. The show runs May 28- June 14.
You can view the exhibit and purchase work by clicking on this link-

Laney Clark of Silentgoddess will have several of her art jewelry designs, including her vintage inspired travel trailers, in the upcoming Summer issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine.

June must be bracelet month for 2Roses
The husband/wife design team was commissioned to create a special presentation bracelet for the retiring Executive Director of the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles.
This came on the heels of another commission for a commemorative bracelet for the Kansas State Board of Education.
The bracelet "We Ran Off And Joined The Circus" (photo attached) will be featured in an exhibition this month at the Metal Arts Society of Southern California.
To wrap things up, the hyper-creative couple is also featured in this month's Gold and Time, Spain's main trade publication for the Spanish jewelry industry.

Kirsten Skiles of KSkilesJewelry and will be selling her metalwork at Arts Fair on the Square in Bloomington, Indiana on June 21st from 10am to 5pm. For more information on the fair visit

See you next month and remember to get out to your local art fair and support your local arts comunity!


Saturday, May 24, 2014

What's New!

Another productive week in etsymetal studios! Check out this new work in our member's etsy shops!

Cynthia Del Giudice                                                        lsueszabo

 2Roses                                                            Sarah Hood Jewelry

 LjBjewelry                                                              KSkilesJewelry

 Jen Lawler Designs                                                 Juju By Sarah

 Laura Roberson                                                           LivelyHood

 JazznJewelry                                                                simplyMegA

bluepiranha                                                    SCJJewelryDesign

artdi                                                                   Jewelrybyfrancine


Friday, May 23, 2014

Charm Swap 14 (CS14) weekly update....

This is only our second week in and we have a few members that are playing with some ideas for their charms. Betsy of BetsyBensen says "Right now I'm toying with the idea of a sterling leaf charm with a tiny gold ladybug on it. Just trying to decide the shape of the leaf and how I want the bale to look..." The idea for Betsy's charm sounds really cute! 

Renee from Panicmama says "I am toying with the idea of something hand-engraved. I have been working on my engraving skills and would really like to make a charm based around those skills. Floral theme maybe. The image (below) is of a gift I made during the holidays. I am liking the small grouping of flowers as a possibility." Below is the image she sent as an example. I think it's a great idea for a charm!

And some of us are in the same boat as Sue from TinkerSue who sends us this photo (below) and says: "I had one idea, tried it but it didn't work out. So, for now, my ideas are all jumbled up inside here:" suggestion...keep the wheels turning Sue! I know I am! 

And last but not least I, Michele of MicheleGradyDesigns, am working on the idea of making some charms out of CopprClay. CopprClay is a clay-like material that works like clay but once it is fired in the kiln and the binder burns away you are left with a solid piece of copper.  I have just started playing with this material and I am really liking the way my pieces are turning out. Although I do not have a specific idea for my charms as of yet, I would like to make something out of this material. It is stilll early in the swap and I have time to change my mind and go with sheet and wire instead but I am toying with the idea of using the clay. Below is a ring I made with CopprClay.

Well, that's all I have for this week...check back next Friday for some more updates and sneak peeks of more charms to come! 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

3xR Etsy Metal Challenge week 19

Our soldering torches have been blazing and the stone setting tools have been getting well used if this week's selection is anything to go by.  Join us next week to see what our intrepid 3xR-ers have been digging out of their metal and stone stashes; reducing, reusing and recycling!

1.Panic Mama Jewelry Blue Topaz Dot Ring, 2. Harlequin Ocean Jasper Pearl Necklace, 3. Danielle Miller Jewelry Druzy and Pink Tourmaline Earring - 3xR/16, 4.Hartley Studio 3xR 15, 5.Virginie Martin Studio Green Opal Pendant - week18, 6.Panic Mama Jewelry Shimmer Oval Pendant

1.Panic Mama Jewelry Imperial Jasper Cloud Necklace, 2. Danielle Miller Jewelry Natural Surface Amazonite - Rx3/12-13, 3. Natural Surface Pendants - 3xR/9-11, 4.Sarah Hood Jewelry Montana Sapphire Twig Ring, 5. Pink Diamond Ring, 6. Two pendants

Saturday, May 17, 2014

What's New!

Oh my, what a lovely mix of new work form etsymetal team members this week! Click on the artist's name to view more images!

 JazznJewelry                                                Cynthia Del Giudice

lsueszabo                                                                           2Roses

 LjBjewelry                                                               AmityJewelry

Michele Grady Designs                                               simplyMegA

 Juju By Sarah                                                           Silentgoddess

 Panicmama Jewelry                                                Severinmetals

 KSkilesJewelry                                                           betsybensen

 Sarah Hood Jewelry                                        SCJJewelryDesign

Prox                                                            VirginieMartinStudio

Fenton Design                                                          Blue piranha

Victoria Takahashi/Experimetal                          Jen Lawler Designs     

                   Peggie Calame Jewelry        

Friday, May 16, 2014

Charm Swap 14 has begun!

We had some issues with the last charm swap and it ended up running past it's scheduled end date but the swap is slowly coming to an end and almost all of the charms have been shipped to the curators. And as we are wrapping up Lucky Number 13 we have started organizing Charm Swap 14 (CS14)! We now have 20 participants in our 14th swap and if everything goes as planned we should have 20 amazing charms finished by the end of September! This time around Laney Clark from Silent Goddess and myself, Michele Grady from Michele Grady Designs be will curating the swap again. Laney and I worked together on CS9 which went pretty smoothly so here's hoping CS14 will go just as well! The charm swap works like this: we have a sign up sheet of 20 Etsy Metal members. Each member has roughly 6mos to make 22 charms...1 charm is for each of the 20 participants, 1 is to sell in the team shop and 1 is to be hung on a bracelet that is sold in the team shop and consists of one charm from each of the participants. Once the charms are made they are sent to one of the curators who then divides up the charms and ships them back to each of the participants. You can purchase some of the charms and bracelets from past swaps in the Etsy Metal Team Shop. The proceeds from the sale of the bracelets go to art organizations that benefit children so if you see something you like please purchase it and know that you are helping a very good cause and bringing art education to children!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

3XR Etsy Metal Challenge Week 18

We have some really beautiful work to show you this week, all resulting from the 3XR challenge. It seems like the pastels of spring have inspired some of the artists recently. Be sure to check back next week for more lovely pieces!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

What's New!

Feast your eyes on What's New this week from industrious etsymetal members, and click the links to visit their shops for more of an eyeful!

 Cynthia Del Giudice                                                    JazznJewelry

 lsueszabo                                                             Laura Roberson

 LjBjewelry                                                                   simplyMega

 LivleyHood                                                   Sarah Hood Jewelry

 AmityJewelry                                                              Juju By Sarah

 KSkiles Jewelry                                                                    2Roses

 Panicmama Jewelry by Renee Ford                        Anne Walker             

   NRjewellerydesign                                           Jewelrybyfrancine

Peggie Calame Jewelry                                         Fenton Design


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