Friday, May 16, 2014

Charm Swap 14 has begun!

We had some issues with the last charm swap and it ended up running past it's scheduled end date but the swap is slowly coming to an end and almost all of the charms have been shipped to the curators. And as we are wrapping up Lucky Number 13 we have started organizing Charm Swap 14 (CS14)! We now have 20 participants in our 14th swap and if everything goes as planned we should have 20 amazing charms finished by the end of September! This time around Laney Clark from Silent Goddess and myself, Michele Grady from Michele Grady Designs be will curating the swap again. Laney and I worked together on CS9 which went pretty smoothly so here's hoping CS14 will go just as well! The charm swap works like this: we have a sign up sheet of 20 Etsy Metal members. Each member has roughly 6mos to make 22 charms...1 charm is for each of the 20 participants, 1 is to sell in the team shop and 1 is to be hung on a bracelet that is sold in the team shop and consists of one charm from each of the participants. Once the charms are made they are sent to one of the curators who then divides up the charms and ships them back to each of the participants. You can purchase some of the charms and bracelets from past swaps in the Etsy Metal Team Shop. The proceeds from the sale of the bracelets go to art organizations that benefit children so if you see something you like please purchase it and know that you are helping a very good cause and bringing art education to children!

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