Saturday, August 30, 2014

What's New!

The Labor Day holiday in the US is the traditional end of summer...
kids are back in school, and family vacation time 
is just a pleasant memory.
Yet etsymetal members did manage to turn out some new work this past week despite being distracted by thoughts of the upcoming 3 day weekend!

   lsueszabo                                                        Michele Grady Designs

 Hammer Stone Metal Art Jewelry                           Fenton Design

betsybensen                             Panicmama Jewelry by Renee Ford

simplyMegA                                                        wildflowerdesigns 

sudlow                                                                                  prox 

JewelrybyFrancine                                    Peggie Calame Jewelry      

  Victoria Takahashi/Experimetal                                   LunasaDesigns

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