Friday, August 22, 2014

Charm Swap 14 update....

Hi All! Well.....There's not much news on the Charm Swap front this week...We only have one update for you.  Betsy from BetsyBensen is the only one who had a chance to work on her charms this week! She sent in these photos and says: Once I finish  cutting and soldering the last 21 charms... I'll burnish a bit of gold onto the fronts." 

That means Betsy is almost finished! Only a few weeks left in this swap so I hope next week there will be more for me to blog about...Including something on my progress if all goes well. I've always been a procrastinator, and unfortunately this charm swap is no different, but sometimes some of my best work comes from my procrastination so here's hoping! Until next time! ~ Michele

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