Friday, August 15, 2014

Charm Swap 14 Update...

Hi All! This week we have quite a few updates on our charm swap....AND...we even have our first batch of finished charms! But before I get to that, our first update is from Sue of Tinkertown. Sue says: "Getting there! The silver "splotches" will be stamped and dapped just like the copper pieces. Then oxidized and put together!" Looking good Sue!

Victoria from Experimetal sends us this photo:

Victoria says"one down and 21 more to go!" least that's a start Vic!

We also have this photo from Shannon of RubyGirl

Shannon says" We cast a flask of the hammers to test our wax mold." ....Looks like some good progress to me!

We also have a quick video from Jen of Prox. The video shows how she is soldering her lion charms together. You can see it here:

And last but not least we have our Champion! Laura from LauraRoberson who has finished her charms!!! Laura is the first one of our participants who has completed the task and made all 22 charms AND...she will have shipped them all out before the due date! Laura says "Here are my finished charms. Now to do the write up. I should have them in the mail next week. Woohoo!" ...Laura is just as excited as we are and so she should be!

Until next time! ~Michele

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