Monday, August 11, 2014

Etsy Metal Team Members Participate in Worldwide Project of 33-Foot-Long Necklace for Charity

Several Etsy Metal team members have participated in a world-wide project that has become a 33 foot long necklace.  The idea developed in the fall of 2013 when Ohio Jeweler, Peter D’Enbeau proposed to his fellow jewelers on Facebook that they craft a holiday gift for the group’s administrator. He suggested they make a bracelet, but after 72 people signed up to contribute a link, D’Enbeau realized that the project was turning into a piece of art that was much more than just a present. 

194 links later, the project morphed into a fundraising project for Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CERF+).  Please go check out and like the project's Facebook page.  "A Hundred For One. CERF+ project 1.0."

It is a magnificent collaboration of all skill levels using every technique or process imaginable, coming together from all ends of the earth.  Pretty amazing. 

Several Etsy Metal team members participated with some amazing and beautiful links for the chain. Check out the wonderful links they donated.

 A Hundred For One Chain

Kirsten Denbow

Maureen Brusa Zappellini

 Laney Clark

Beth Tivol

Sarah Brevis

Jen Lawler

Renee Ford

 Jill Sharp

All photos taken by Peter D'Enbeau and used with permission.

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