Monday, June 29, 2009

Time Saving Tips - Get Oraganized! (part 2)

Now what to do with all those burs, bits, stamps, punches, wires, sheets, sandpaper, ...*breath*... pliers, mandrels, cutters, et cetera?
And how much time would you save if you knew where they all were?

Cosmo's Moon's kitchen knife strip.

Magnets are my favorite idea to keep up with anything made from a ferrous metal. You can find strips made for the purpose here, or you could get one designed for kitchens here.

Stamp's strips organize pliers.

Here's another great tip:
organize spools of wire, sheet metals and sandpapers in filing systems.

Kathryn Riechert's files for papers and metals.

You can find different filing systems in any office supply store, but here are some options from Etsy:

See you next time for tips on organizing your business - from spreadsheets to shipping!

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melodybasch said...

i bought a magnetic strip from lowes in the section where they have all the hooks for peg boards. it is pretty cheap and super strong. The only thing that i've found over the past year or so, is that it magnetized my tools. What? If i leave a file in my sweeps bin, and pick it back up to use, there will almost always be a broken sawblade attached to it. Strange.

Anonymous said...

This was so inspiring, I went out and bought files for my metals, a magnetic strip for my small tools and files, and a wall organizer for all my findings and chain! I'm so organized now, I don't even recognize myself!

Amanda Conley said...

That's awesome Christine!

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