Thursday, June 11, 2009

Important Tumbler Maintenance Tip

Just a quick reminder to those with tumblers, whether it's a Lortone, or the bargain basement version from Harbor Freight like mine- don't forget to oil the little roller things (drive shaft bearings I'm told they're called) with motor & bearing oil. I had some that I got a while ago for my sewing machine. I realized I hadn't oiled these things in months only after the belt broke- which is probably part of the reason it broke. Now my tumbler is running perfectly, while before it was kind of making an unpleasant grinding noise, and moving rather slowly. It's pretty straightforward- just put a drop of oil on the rollers where they meet the edge.

1 comment:

Beth Cyr said...

oh excellent! I need to do that to mine and never thought of it. I also need to do some upkeep on my flexshaft.

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