Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Studio Apron

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So recently I've been on the hunt for my perfect apron. It might have been this photo from Maureen of CosmosMoon that particularly brought forth the smoldering idea in my head. It also seems that many people have a personal relationship w/ their apron, which I find very interesting and only make me want to find my 'perfect' one that much more.

Do you have a special and loved apron you wear in the studio? Or are you like me and just wear grungy clothes that you wipe your hands on? I'm mostly wanting an apron for the pocket - now that its hot, I often wear little dresses to stay cool - most of which have no pockets.

So all this has made me very curious about aprons - please share any links to your aprons!

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Maureen Bz said...

Hi there!- I have set up a flickr group titles "filthy and Loved aprons of metalsmiths" please come and join it -and post a pic of your favorite shop clothes/apron/ lucky towel-
:=) MBZ (aka Cosmo's moon)

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