Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weekly Review - The perfect studio tank top

I usually spend my work day in whatever I wore that morning to do yoga in. Its comfy, and I rarely see anyone other than my husband. Elizabeth of esdesigns recommended this great tank from Land's End. She said the fabric is great, cool and dry and not too clingy. Perfect for the summer heat, especially here in Georgia! And I can't wait to get one for the most important reason - why? Because it has an inside pocket for my ipod! Comfy tank I can do yoga in and then head off to the studio in comfort with a special pocket for my little ipod. I have become quite addicted to listening to audiobooks in the past few months and am constantly trying to figure out the best way to keep the headphone cord out of the way. More than once its caught on something like the edge of my anvil or work bench - and ripped the headphones right off my ears. Luckily never something dangerous like a lit torch!

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