Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Charm Swap Update - Get Ready, They're Almost Here!

Have you been wondering about our charm bracelets? I have! and now for the update.

All three bracelets will be on sale within the next couple of weeks. 50% of the proceeds of each complete bracelet will be going to EtsyMetals Youth Outreach Program, which will be donating to three different organizations - one for each bracelet.

Charm Swap #1 proceeds will go toward the metalsmithing program at “Art Start” in New York.

Charm Swap #2 proceeds will provide scholarships to youth who could not otherwise afford classes at the “Pratt Fine Arts Center” in Washington.

Charm Swap #3 proceeds will be used to purchase metalsmithing tools for “DREAMS of Wilmington,” in North Carolina.

There will only be one bracelet of each of the 3 charm swaps. So be prepared that once its gone, its gone for good! Get your wrists and wallets ready!

Individual charms are on sale currently in our EtsyMetal team shop. So if you have your eye on just a few, you can create your own charm bracelet or necklace!

We are already gearing up for charm swap #4! So if you miss out on one of the three bracelets, you can be on the look out for our next one.

Here are some teaser photos:



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