Thursday, July 7, 2011

Revere Pliers Review

Revere Pliers

I recently picked up a pair of Revere pliers, because some of my cheap pliers started falling apart. I was drawn to them for two reasons:

1) They are beautiful
2) They have no plastic cover and no spring - the two things that keep tearing/breaking on my plain ol' pliers and driving me nuts.

I decided to hold off on the full set and only to replace my half-round pliers (which are my most beat up pair, and withstand the most strenuous use) so I could try them out before taking the plunge for the big bucks. I think I will be shelling out the big bucks for the rest of the set soon.

Following are the reasons I'm sold:
1) They are beautiful
2) The grip is fantastic, and they are wonderfully comfortable to use
3) They give the impression that they may well last a lifetime

The only drawback I can think of is the price tag, and, given the quality, I would say they are worth it for any heavy-use pair of pliers.

Revere pliers can be purchased at Rio Grande and Otto Frei.

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