Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"On Creativity" with Michele Grady

We are starting a new blog series "On Creativity". Each week will feature one or more of our members and their perspectives on keeping their creativity alive.

This week we are talking to
Michele Grady Designs

What inspires you?
Being a self taught silversmith most of my inspiration comes from the colors of the metals and stones I use, along with my desire to learn as much as I can about how the metals can be manipulated, textured and shaped. New pieces usually are born due to my experimenting with my tools and new techniques.

How does your design process work/How do you come up with new ideas?
Sometimes I sketch a thing or two but that is rare unless I am working with larger one of a kind stones. Sometimes ideas come to me while laying in bed or driving in the car. Usually I just play around with the metals and tools until I like the end result.

How do you stay motivated?
It's hard to stay motivated sometimes. A custom order from someone who loves my work, a reorder from a gallery, a write up in a newspaper or magazine, or even acceptance into a certain show that I have been trying to get into for a while all help kick me back into gear.

Do you ever find yourself in a creative rut? If so how do you get out of it?
Yes, every so often I do find myself in a creative rut. When this happens I try to take a break from my normal every day work routine. Sometimes I go out for a run or walk, take a trip to a museum or spend some time with friends. Participating in RAW and some of the Etsy Metal challenges have also helped. When I do come back to work I then try to set aside at least a full day to just to sit and play around with new ideas and techniques.

Do you make other things besides jewelry?
I have dabbled in quite a few things here and there. I have taken painting and drawing classes all throughout out my elementary and high school years, and as I got older I moved onto more 3D art such as paper mache and pottery but jewelry is still my passion.

"Sunburst Ring" made for the RAW challenge. The ring's design was created to incorporate a stone and brass spikes.


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Suzanne said...

Thanks Michele, it's good to have a plan but sometimes it's exciting to see what emerges when you just go with the flow.

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