Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Member Profiles - Jane Font and Deborah Lee Taylor

Thanks for checking back! This week I have two new members to introduce, Jane Font of Daisy Jane Designs and Deborah Lee Taylor of e5jewel. Both Jane and Deborah joined Etsymetal this summer and we are so glad to have them!

Here are three pieces from Jane's Flickr stream and a little bit about Jane herself.

RAW 21/52

RAW 19/52 Nebula

Urban Beautification - Sterling Silver and Copper Bell Flower Bangles

Throughout my life, I’ve been surrounded by art. My mother painted, my grandfather painted and did the most beautiful leather work, and my grandmother was always doing interesting art crafts with us. As a child, I always said I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. It didn’t really matter what kind of art: just art. Since then, I’ve dabbled in just about everything from painting, to sculpture, fabric arts, lampworking, etc. But I never felt like I was good enough at any of them to do them for very long. I did nails for awhile. Not because I particularly care about beautiful nails, but because I could be artistic. I loved shaping them until they were perfect, and I did sculptures and images with the different colors of products. I entered a few nail art competitions, and always placed. I just didn’t like doing the same old thing on hand after hand.

I’ve always loved jewelry, but never really considered making it on my own because I figured it was something machines did. However, a few years ago I was confined to bed for a few weeks because of mono. I could really do nothing but watch TV all day. One day, I saw a program about metalsmiths, and I was blown away by what could be done with relatively simple tools, and at home! I was immediately hooked and bought stacks of books on the subject. I started with metal clay, but within a year or two, I started feeling confined by it. My New Year’s resolution for 2011 was to learn metalsmithing, and that’s exactly what I’ve done!

Being self-taught has its advantages and disadvantages, but it has been amazingly fulfilling! I can’t see feeling confined in my art, but I do feel like I’ve found something I’m good at! I can’t wait to branch out and learn everything I can. From etching to casting, I want to do it all!

My goal for next year is to become my own boss. Fulltime metalsmithing is the life for me, and I feel very fortunate to have found a team of likeminded individuals to share my love of metalworking with.

Next, I'd like to share some of Deborah's work. Here are three of her favorite pieces and some information about her and her Etsy shop.

A little about me: I have always had the need to be doing something nail artist, interior decorator, color consultant, to creating jewelry. I feel I have finally found home for my creative passion! I feel blessed doing what I love and sharing my work with the world.

About e5: I create one of a kind handmade wearable Art
My jewelry reflects the love of wabi sabi, 'talismania' energy, and one of a kind silver and mixed metal jewelry.
Each piece is hand fabricated by me, in my studio. I work mostly with copper, and mix this beautiful metal with sterling, metal clay, fine silver and at times, brass. I use natural and lab grown stones, depending on what the design calls for. My work includes pieces that hold a symbolic meaning by intention, words or the metaphysical properties of the stone used. I feel a one of a kind piece jewelry is like finding a lost treasure, waiting to be discovered by it's wearer. I believe when a stone, crystal or piece of art resonates with you, it speaks to your soul. The beauty that comes from that is magical, timeless and unique, as the art itself.

Thanks again for stopping by the Etsymetal blog. I'll be back next week to introduce a few more new members!

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