Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Member Profile - Aroluna

This week I have one new member of Etsymetal to introduce you to. Irene of Aroluna joined us in July of 2011. Here are a few pieces by Irene and some information about her life and work in the studio:

Maga Bracelet

Intuition Pendant

Sol Bracelet

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and since 1999 I've lived in south Florida, the US with my family: my husband and our two sons, 17 and 20. I am the hands behind aroluna @ etsy.
When I was 18 I had my first permanent booth in an arts and craft show in Buenos Aires. I realized then that I loved making and creating, and that my hands were going to be my tools to earn my living. And also realized that I was drawn by the way of living as what I consider myself to be, an artisan.
In my twenties, I became hooked by metal when I learned how to shape and solder and transform sterling silver into a functional and beautiful piece of jewelry. Metal and jewelry became my way to apply the passion.
I attended two years of jewelry classes at Escuela Municipal de la Joya in Buenos Aires, where I also took a special course on chains, and then continued learning by myself and with friends metal smiths. All of the pieces at aroluna are made by me one by one, except the Primitive line, these originals were also fabricated by me with sterling silver, and then molded for casting with lost wax.
I am attracted by circular lines and asymmetry; my pieces are rustic and organic, sturdy but smooth. Often times they are bold, but I always want them to be perfectly comfortable, able to become part of the person if she or he wants to wear them at any times, and defy the passing of time.
I find inspiration anywhere and everywhere, books, nature, films. Errors and mistakes are great teachers, they show me new ways or shapes and they've helped me perfect my signature pieces. I take great pleasure in making one of a kind creations as much as I enjoy making pieces that may seem alike but are always different, like my knots bracelets, which are always evolving and have the particular impression of the moment they were created.
I'm proud and elated with the fact that so many people are currently wearing and appreciating pieces that I made with love and great care.

Thanks for checking in this week! See you next week!

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