Saturday, July 26, 2014

What's New!

This is what's new in the world of etsymetal this week!

 KSkilesJewelry                                                  AmityJewelry

 2Roses                                                      Panicmama Jewelry

 lsueszabo                                                     SCJJewelryDesign

 Prox                                                                      Amuckdesign

 simplyMegA                                             Nina Gibson Designs

 LjBjewelry                                                              LivelyHood

VirginieMartinStudio                                      Art By Winona

Victoria Takahashi                                   JewelryByFrancine

Peggie Calame Jewelry                                      bluepiranha

Project Runway Jewelry Challenge: Season 13: Episode 1

And a new season begins, the EtsyMetal team is excited to start a new round of Project Runway Jewelry Challenge!
Lets just jump right on in and begin shall we? This one is an easy one, a nice way to ease on into the new season! We cannot wait to see what you create! Please feel free to browse around 6 past seasons of our Project Runway Jewelry Challenges we have held, a lot of amazingly creative pieces have been inspired!
Episode 1: "The Judges Decide"
Air date: 7.24.15  on My Lifetime channel
The Project Runway challenge: With one outfit, give the judges a glimpse of a hypothetical spring collection. Designers must choose from an assortment of 5 fabrics provided to them at the start of the challenge.
The EtsyMetal Translation: Pick how ever many of these 5 ingredients below to make a piece of jewelry!


And as always we love and look forward to others playing along with us,

please join in!

**guidelines for guest participants:**
The pieces you submit must be pieces that are made with intent for that weeks challenge. Then post your  Flickr, FB links (I need to be able to grab the photo) in this weeks comment area below, I will retrieve them as they come in before the deadline.
We will post your name, link, description (you write) and a picture of your piece on this blog. Remember, the rigid deadline for submitting your link is always on Thursdays, 12 midnight, Pacific Standard Time. The new blog posts will go up  on Fridays.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Etsy Metal 3xR Challenge Week 28

This week in the Etsy Metal 3xR Challenge, we have some lovely pieces: a mystic topaz pendant, a fossilized dinosaur bone necklace, and a pair of sterling silver and gold bracelets. Such wonderful uses of materials that the artists already had on hand! Please check back next week for more 3xR innovations.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Making a bespoke box-toggle clasp.

When you've made a really special necklace and an off-the-peg clasp just wont do, then consider making your own box clasp, you can print this off to take to your work bench / put in your sketchbook and follow at your own pace. This example is just a round bead shape for the sake of clarity in this tutorial, but just imagine that it is any shape or form you wish, it could be etched or enameled or have details soldered onto it, or even have a stone set on's up to you!

The benefit of this type of clasp are several:
  • In this tutorial mine is a simple set of hemispheres, but these could be any shape and form, with etched, soldered or constructed details, which make the clasp an integral part of the design of the necklace or bracelet for which it is intended.
  • There are no separate 'loose' elements to break or wear away.
  • You might find it easier to make than a box or tube clasp because there is no sprung tongue to make...(if your springy tongue is not of the right dimensions or not hard enough then it doesn't work smoothly. I think the construction of this box toggle-clasp is easier than that for a box clasp.
  • It can be a very small device as I've made here, or it can be a very large feature.
  • It can be just as discreet as a small box clasp, in this case each half of the device is only 3mm in depth.
  • Simple tools required.

So here we go;


1. In this case, I punched out two larger circles that will be the flat, touching surfaces of the clasp and one small circle which will be sawn in half to become part of the locking mechanism. If you don't have a circle punch then you can mark out the cirlces with a pair of dividers then saw out. I also have some half-round wire.

2. I have cut the small circle in half and I next intend to sandwich it between two 1cm lengths of the half-round wire like this (above right), but there's a gap which means that not all surfaces are making good contact.... 

3., I need to file a recess in one half of the half-round wire, so that the semi-circle sits on it with its surface flush with the flat surface of the half-round wire. I'm leaving a bit of wire sticking out, as it's easy to file away later...better than losing length of the semi-circle at this stage.

4. You can see above that I'm holding my little length of half-round wire in a ring vice (ring clamp) so that it's easy to use my flat needle file.


5. Now you can see where I have made the recess for the semi-circle to fit and when I put it between the two little lengths of half-round wire and bind it together ready for soldering, there's no gap anymore.


6. Here's the little fella soldered together with hard solder. I've filed the end flush and tidy. Now it needs to be soldered onto one of the plates.....

7. Here it is soldered on, also with hard solder, right in the centre of the plate, with its little wings spread out. There's no reason why you should un-solder the work you've done on the wire and semi-circle, as long as you keep your flame concentrated mostly on the plate during the heating up and then darting to the wire at the last moment. I use hard solder with the fact in mind that this is a device which will be wiggled and twisted a lot by the wearer.


8. Next we want to make the 'key-hole' in the other base plate, so first use a circle gauge stencil of the kind you find in a good stationery shop, to find the size of circle that will easily fit over the wire (but not so it fits over the wings too).

9. I've marked out the circle, drilled a pilot hole, then commenced sawing out the hole along with a slot which is slightly longer and a teensy bit thicker than the wings themselves.

When I test it, the 'key' fits into the slot, inside the hemisphere and can be turned like a key.

10. Once I'm sure that the key-hole fits, I solder that plate into its hemisphere (which is the part I said in the beginning that could be whatever design you liked). I used medium solder and the same again for soldering the half jump-ring onto the side. Do the same with the other half of the clasp....the part with the 'key' on.

11. If your key is a smidge too long to be accommodated in the depth of the other half of the clasp and therefore is not able to turn at all, then it's perfectly okay to file it down a little. Again, I have used my trusty ring vice to hold the half while I use a medium sized flat file to shorten the length of the key.

12. Here is the finished device. There are two important things to note here, firstly I have filed the edges of the hemispheres where they are joined to the base plates, with a sloped edge to make it easier to hold the piece when undoing just helps you fingers grip it a bit at this small scale because hemispheres are slippery to grab. Secondly, I have located the jump rings so that when the finished piece of jewellery is worn, the key and lock are in opposing directions and will not undo...that is the point of it, after-all!

So finally, we have a nice clasp which operates in exactly the same way that a toggle clasp does, but has a whole different set of plus-points to it. Good luck!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

What's New!

A lovely selection of new work this week from etsymetal studios!

 simplyMegA                                              Cynthia Del Giudice

 2Roses                                                                       lsueszabo

 AmityJewelry                                                       SeverinMetals

 Hammer Stone Metal                                                 Prox                        

 betsybensen                                          Michele Grady Designs

 Blue Piranha                                              Nina Gibson Designs

 Wendy Wetherbee                                                    JazznJewelry

 Peggie Calame Jewelry                            Jewelry by Francine

Artdi Diana Anton                                                     LjBjewelry


Friday, July 18, 2014

Charm Swap 14 update......

Hi All! Welcome back to this week's update on Charm Swap 14! 

Today we have a sketch from Leslie Zemenek of Z Leslie Jewelry who says "My sketch for the 2014 EtsyMetal Team Charm Swap. Hammered Copper with a layer of brushed Sterling Silver attached with Sterling Silver rivets. The stone is to be 4mm Carnelian. I'll be hammering a lot of rivets!" ....That is a lot of rivets! I can't wait to see the finished product!

 And from Victoria Tachahashi of Experimetal we have this update..."here was my half done charm swap pieces from an idea I didn't finish, but I think I will use them for Charm Swap 14... I "think" I will  I have so many ideas but I really should finish and use these milagro! There is a hand, skull, foot, eyes & hearts!"...I would love to see what Victoria ends up doing with these pieces...wouldn't you?

And last but not least we have a photo from TinkerSue of  TinkerTown. Sue says "Yeah! I have finished my "master" charm! I've written down all the measurements and to order my supplies and get to making. Here is a small first look:"....

Hmmm...I wonder what this is going to look like when it is all put together....Keep checking back here for updates! Until next time! ~ Michele

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Etsy Metal 3xR Challenge Week 27

There is no time for half time celebrations as our 3xR participants begin the second half of their year long commitment to reusing, reducing and recycling metal and stones from their workshop drawers and storage boxes.  Many gems that didn't think they would see the light of day are happily set and twinkling in this weeks fabulous collection of creations.  They are all ready working on week 28 so check in next week to see what they have managed to conjure up.  Will any of them run out before the year is done?

1 and 2 Cari-Jane Hakes 3 Hartley Studio 4,5 and 6 Virginie Martin Studio

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