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Charm Swap 14 update....

Hi All! Well.....There's not much news on the Charm Swap front this week...We only have one update for you.  Betsy from BetsyBensen is the only one who had a chance to work on her charms this week! She sent in these photos and says: Once I finish  cutting and soldering the last 21 charms... I'll burnish a bit of gold onto the fronts." 

That means Betsy is almost finished! Only a few weeks left in this swap so I hope next week there will be more for me to blog about...Including something on my progress if all goes well. I've always been a procrastinator, and unfortunately this charm swap is no different, but sometimes some of my best work comes from my procrastination so here's hoping! Until next time! ~ Michele

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Saturday, August 16, 2014

What's New!

Presenting his week's tempting new work from etsymetal studios. Just follow the links for a closer look!

 JazznJewelry                                                            2Roses

 lsueszabo                                                                       Prox

 AmityJewelry                                                  betsybensen

 Panicmama Jewelry                                          LjBjewelry

 PureDichotomy                                          LauraRoberson

Michele Grady Designs                           Lunasa Designs

   Jewelry by Francine                      Peggie Calame Jewelry

Fenton Design                                            Elizabeth Scott

                    Victoria Takahashi                                    sudlow                                   

Friday, August 15, 2014

ETSYMETAL Jewelry Challenge: Project Runway Season 13.3 REVEAL "Welcome to the Future"

Welcome to the reveal of last weeks' Episode 3
"Welcome to the Future"
The Project Runway challenge: When an afternoon of fun at a local movie theatre turns into a challenge, designers will have to show their innovative side to create a fashionable look out of unconventional materials they find in the theater and a film set. *My Lifetime video here*
The EtsyMetal Translation: If you were making jewelry in 1994, revisit one of your own creations and update it for 20 years in the future, 2034!  Or, make a piece that is inspired by your life in 1994 and modify it for the future 2034!
And here are our 5 team members & 1 guest submission reveal!

This was a hard one, mostly because I have to remember something! I think that it's generally safe to say at anytime in my art career, I make art based on my Photo Booth pictures and influenced by Andy Warhol. I feel that the styles of art come and go and come and go... always repeating cycles. In 20 years, I'm sure I'll still be using photo booth pictures with new technology in a slightly altered way.Torch-fird enamels, decals, copper.


I had some forged pieces made in the 90's probably between 1992 and 1994. I disassembled and added black freshwater pearls to make asymmetrical earrings. They are forged to a sharp point and can double as a weapon if the future is bleak.

Shannon Conrad  ~ knuckle duster ring
In 1994 I was 23 years old and kind of wild. I had not started making jewelry yet. I spent most of my weekends out drinking beer and watching bands play at local clubs. My favorite accessories were my docs and rings on every finger.
For my piece, I wanted to create a single ring that spanned my hand - trading in multiple rings for one. I wanted it to still feel a little edgy and tough, but also super sleek and modern.
Although I did not create this ring for this weeks challenge, I think this ring fits into the theme for this week. In 1994 I was not making jewelry like I am today. It was only a hobby for me and not a job. As my work evolves and grows so too does the scale. This is a large ring which I never would have made 20 yrs ago. I see my work has gotten bigger and bolder as the years go on and I do not see that changing 20 yrs from now and this ring is the perfect example of that. I also like how it looks with this outfit.
In the 90s I LOVED earrings, long and geometric. Here I have made a more sophisticated version of a geometric earring.
Guest Submission
Leidi Jorge
In January 1994 I began to study interior design, and before we had design and redering assited by computer we had to make the drawings and layouts by hand...yes, sounds like prehistoric fact. The ring is kind of a tribute to my own first T rule the one in the picture which I still treasure.
Episode 4: 
"A Suitable Twist"
 Project Runway Season 13, Episode 4 ~ Air Date: 08/14/14.
 For this challenge, the designers repurposed and remixed an array of men's vintage suits to create a look for the modern woman.
So for the EtsyMetal Translation:
Cufflinks, tie tack or lapel pin that is inspired by your favorite look on the runway!
*guidelines for guest participants*
The pieces you submit must be pieces that are made with intent for that weeks challenge. Then post your  Flickr, FB links (I need to be able to grab the photo) in this weeks comment area below, I will retrieve them as they come in before the deadline.
We will post your name, link, description (you write) and a picture of your piece on this blog. Remember, the rigid deadline for submitting your link is always on Thursdays, 12 midnight, Pacific Standard Time. The new blog posts will go up on Friday.

Charm Swap 14 Update...

Hi All! This week we have quite a few updates on our charm swap....AND...we even have our first batch of finished charms! But before I get to that, our first update is from Sue of Tinkertown. Sue says: "Getting there! The silver "splotches" will be stamped and dapped just like the copper pieces. Then oxidized and put together!" Looking good Sue!

Victoria from Experimetal sends us this photo:

Victoria says"one down and 21 more to go!" least that's a start Vic!

We also have this photo from Shannon of RubyGirl

Shannon says" We cast a flask of the hammers to test our wax mold." ....Looks like some good progress to me!

We also have a quick video from Jen of Prox. The video shows how she is soldering her lion charms together. You can see it here:

And last but not least we have our Champion! Laura from LauraRoberson who has finished her charms!!! Laura is the first one of our participants who has completed the task and made all 22 charms AND...she will have shipped them all out before the due date! Laura says "Here are my finished charms. Now to do the write up. I should have them in the mail next week. Woohoo!" ...Laura is just as excited as we are and so she should be!

Until next time! ~Michele

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Etsy Metal 3xR Challenge Week 31

It's all about stacking rings this week on the Etsy Metal 3xR Challenge, well, stacking rings and one silver swirl bracelet set with an aquamarine.  We've STILL got enough bit and bobs in our respective stashes to keep us going till the end of the year with our Reduce, Reuse and Recycle challenge.
1 and 2 SCJ Jewelry Design  3 and 4 Cari-Jane Hakes

Monday, August 11, 2014

Etsy Metal Team Members Participate in Worldwide Project of 33-Foot-Long Necklace for Charity

Several Etsy Metal team members have participated in a world-wide project that has become a 33 foot long necklace.  The idea developed in the fall of 2013 when Ohio Jeweler, Peter D’Enbeau proposed to his fellow jewelers on Facebook that they craft a holiday gift for the group’s administrator. He suggested they make a bracelet, but after 72 people signed up to contribute a link, D’Enbeau realized that the project was turning into a piece of art that was much more than just a present. 

194 links later, the project morphed into a fundraising project for Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CERF+).  Please go check out and like the project's Facebook page.  "A Hundred For One. CERF+ project 1.0."

It is a magnificent collaboration of all skill levels using every technique or process imaginable, coming together from all ends of the earth.  Pretty amazing. 

Several Etsy Metal team members participated with some amazing and beautiful links for the chain. Check out the wonderful links they donated.

 A Hundred For One Chain

Kirsten Denbow

Maureen Brusa Zappellini

 Laney Clark

Beth Tivol

Sarah Brevis

Jen Lawler

Renee Ford

 Jill Sharp

All photos taken by Peter D'Enbeau and used with permission.

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