Monday, March 2, 2015

Join the Feast- our February monthly challenge

Thank you for joining the Feast challenge this month.
We started off with this prompt:
The origin of the word February is from the Middle English feverer, from Old French feverier, based on Latin februarius, from februa, the name of a purification feast held in this month. The spelling change in the 15th century was due to association with the Latin word. To whet your appetite for this challenge, see the epic "Feast Bracelet" from 1974 by master Metal Artist Richard Mawdsley. Perhaps your feast will involve a mouthwatering slice of watermelon tourmaline,or a skewer-kebab of textural chunks, or maybe you're inspired by goblets, drinking horns or Viking feast utensils for eating. Perhaps these feast foods from historical times will inspire you on this website. See the blog post with images here: ... lenge.html

Nina Gibson created a heart pendant made from sterling silver spoon handles with garnet accents. 

Erga surprised us with a sterling silver cake tester.

For the March challenge, please be inspired by the word
adjective: brazen
  1. 1.
    bold and without shame.
    "he went about his illegal business with a brazen assurance"
  2. 2.
    made of brass.
    • harsh in sound.
      "the music's brazen chords"

You can submit to the challenge too! Simply post good images of your creation into your own Flickr or Pinterest account, with description and your name, then post the link to your submission by way of a comment at the bottom of this post, to have it included here on the blog.

Deadline is Thursday April 2nd and the results will be posted by Monday April 5th. 

Enjoy the challenge.

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

What's New!

The month of February has ended with a flourish!
This week's new work from etsymetal team  studios!

wildflowerdesigns                                  Jewelry by Francine

evelyn markasky                                               debbie ritchie

erga                                                             LjBjewelry

       Panicmama Jewelry by Renee Ford                          2Roses

silentgoddess                                                       simplyMegA

betsybensen                                         VirginieMartinStudio

Lauren Meredith                                                        lsueszabo

SeverinMetals                                           SCJJewelryDesign

Saturday, February 21, 2015

What's New!

A lovely mix of work this week from etsymetal benches. Can you find the eyeglass holders...?

                         2Roses                             Panicmama Jewlery by Renee Ford

 lsueszabo                                                      wildflowerdesigns

 Michele Grady Designs                               Lauren Meredith

 Jewelry by Francine                                             silentgoddess

 Anne Walker                                                             LjBjewelry

 simplyMegA                                                         Laura Pacino

                    Nina Gibson Designs

Saturday, February 14, 2015

What's New!

So appropriate for the month of February... sweet stuff from etsymetal studios.

 lsueszabo                                                                  2roses

                   SCJJewelryDesign                  Panicmama Jewlery by Renee Ford

             Christine Mighion Jewelry                                        Prox

                                  erga                                                          LjBjewelry

       victoria takahashi/experimental                     Jewelry by Francine

                       Lauren Meredith                                              sudlow

 Quercus Silver                                              simplyMegA

          Michele Grady Designs                          Peggie Calame Jewelry

  Evelyn Markasky                                             betsybensen

Saturday, February 7, 2015

What's New!

Every Saturday What's New! showcases new work from etsymetal studios. Check out the fruits of this week's labors of love! 

 Rebecca Bogan                                                                 2Roses

                         Quercus Silver                     Panicmama Jewelry by Renee Ford

 lsueszabo                                                                  erga

 Cynthia Del Giudice                                    wildflowerdesigns

Evelyn Markasky                                                  betsy bensen     

 Michele Grady Design                                          simplyMegA

 Lauren Meredith                                                 Anne Walker

 Nina Gibson Designs                                Wendy Wetherbee

 K Skiles Jewelry                                               Debbie Ritchie

LjBjewelry                                                   victoria takahashi


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Members' News for the month of February

Hi everyone.  Hope folks are staying warm - we are still digging out from a big snow storm that blanketed the Midwest this week.
We have a short post this month, seems folks are hibernating!

First, L. Sue Szabo has 2 pieces that will be in the show Materials Hard and Soft, a national multi-media show in Denton TX.  The show will run 2/6- 4/2/15.
Sue is also exhibiting 3 works at HandCrafted 2015, a national multi-media show in Rocky Mt, NC. The show runs 2/1-5/17/15 at the Imperial Arts Center.

2Roses is featured in the new book from Marthe Le Van, "Nuts & Bolts, Industrial Jewelry in the Steampunk Style."
Published by Dover books. Available on Amazon now.

Have a pleasant Feb. and I'll see you again in March,
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