Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"On Creativity" with 2Roses

We are starting a new blog series "On Creativity". Each week will feature one or more of our members and their perspectives on keeping their creativity alive.

This week we are talking to
John and Corliss of 2Roses

What inspires you?
Oddly enough, everything, all the time. Finding inspiration has never been a problem. Stopping and focusing on one thing is the challenge. We often get going in one direction and become interested in something else mid stream.

How does your design process work/How do you come up with new ideas?

Our design process is very spontaneous. We carry sketchbooks everywhere. We are never without one. While we draw constantly, deigns frequently change during the execution.

How do you stay motivated?
The problem for us is stopping, not starting. Left to our own devices we will work in the studio till we drop, sleep for a few hours,get up and do it again. We will typically force ourselves out of the studio after 3-4 days of this. The net result of getting out of the studio is being immersed in the big world of inspiration - which drives us back into the studio.

Do you ever find yourself in a creative rut? If so how do you get out of it?
No, we do not stay in one place creatively long enough to get into a rut. We throw ourselves into new and unfamiliar experiences constantly. If we find something on the menu we've never had - that's what we're having. We'll do things even when we don't think we'll like it - just to have the experience (most of the time we discover new things we like). Even when we don't enjoy it, the experience teaches us something and inspires something.

Do you make other things besides jewelry?

Yes. We are actively engaged in a wide variety of media and disciplines. Current projects include video production, publication design, furniture, clothing, a writing project, three tool development projects, and recipe formulations.

Carved bone and spontaneous body modification earrings.
Back story here.

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Suzanne said...

I love that studio time is likened to being "...immersed in the big world of inspiration." Makes me want to fly out the door to mine right now!

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