Sunday, July 31, 2011

August Challenge - "Inspired by Alexander Calder"

Our August team challenge due to July 31st was

Inspired by
Alexander Calder
Please show us the inspiration piece and yours!

We have AMAZING entries this month !

Inbar: "From the first moment this brooch caught my eyes and I've decided to go for it.
I didn't want to make a brooch.
 I like it look in a way like a paisley and a peacock feather.
I've decided to follow Calder technique - wiring, hammering, cold connections... "
Andrea: "Growing up in my family with our metal smith dad, Calder was always a hero & household topic of discussion. Later in life, I lived a couple of towns away from the Calder homestead in Roxbury, CT. Not long after my move to that New England cottage, my dad sent off to me a copy of the wonderful book ‘Calder at Home: The Joyous Environment of Alexander Calder’, by Pedro E. Guerrero, which showcases the amazing Calder residences including the Roxbury home. Soon my parents made a visiit to my new home and a ride by the Calder home was a must on our list of things to do. Sure enough, we found the residence, pulled over and very quietly and carefully peeked though the wooded border at the roadside to catch a glimpse of the house. What a sight to behold - the yard held a number of Calder’s famous ’stabiles‘, huge shapes in bright colors, unmistakeable through the woods. I’ll never forget it. In response to this month’s EM challenge, I leafed through that favorite book and settled on making this little figure as homage to the famous Cader circus... created with fond memories."

Evelyn: "I'm so inspired by all of Alexander Calder's jewelry, I could do this theme every month! 
This bangle is forged, drilled, and given a liver of sulphur patina. The spiral ends are each forged then curved into a spiral, hammered flat, then enameled on both sides. "

Mark: "It was hard to not just do rip off pieces... (i like his work so much) 
hopefully this is more mine than his... "

Sue: "I'm always nervous of wire work ( just not very good at it, I think) but I loved the idea of drawing with wire and am smitten by Calder's wire sculptures. 
So this brooch is a sketch of my son, Luther and his wild thatch of curls. To which his response was "you are THE most embarrassing mother, ever". 


Esther: "Here is my inspiration...what an incredible piece and impressive photo...Angelica
 Brass disc, Sterling wire, Oxidized and Antiqued.
I was sort of trying to emulate the entire photo of the inspiration. Meaning, I tried to re-create the head and shoulders of Angelica, as well as the forged neckpiece. I hope it came through! "



Victoria: "For this months challenge the subject was excellent inspiration for me. Alexander Calder was an amazing creative artist. I am strongly drawn to his basic rudementary forms and his ability to make something supremely beautiful and raw from simple lines and materials. 

My goal with this challenge was to use shapes and concepts for my inspiration and still impart a strong sense of myself into the pieces." 

Renee: "Alexander Calder has always been an artist that I have been able to return to again and again to help me envision the world around me in simpler forms. 

I created this piece with Calder's body of work and over all feel of his work in mind without directly translating into a Calder looking piece."


Thank You!

Our September Challenge due to August 30th is: 
World Heart day September 25th 2011 theme is  "One World, One Home, One Heart".


aroluna said...

A-mazing! Everyone!

Quercus Silver said...

Wow! Such a diverse and exciting response. I loved this challenge.

Beth Cyr said...

so many fabulous pieces! and great to see so many members participate!

Kira said...

Fantastic work everyone! What a great challenge!

Anonymous said...

These pieces are beautiful, definately inspired by Calder, but each artist has put their own unique spin on his original work- delicious Bex x

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