Monday, February 24, 2014

Charm Swap 13 - Lucky 13!

Time is quickly approaching for the 13th EtsyMetal Charm Swap!  All us swappers are busily designing, pondering and developing ideas for our charms. Some are almost done!!  Here are a couple of great beginning ideas.  Can't wait to see what everyone decides to do!


"I did some sketches for possible charm designs with engraved textures (since I am teaching myself engraving or some sort of that) and possible color accents."
"and did a prototype with the first design using a sterling disk, 18k gold accents and a tube set Moissanite. Not sure if silver or dark oxidized color is the way to go. "

"Engraving still needs lot's of work so it does not look so rugged. Need to try different graver shapes to see which works better for this type of pattern. For my financial sake I may switch the color theme and do the disk in brass with silver accents. Haven't soldered with brass in years, gotta give it a try."

Quench Metalworks

"WIP pics….."

CitiZen Objects

"I'm thinking one of two things- I just finished a commission for some conchos, which would make fab charms, or charms based on a brooch from last year's challenge:"


"These are old pics, I actually am almost done....but here are the just starting shots."

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