Thursday, February 20, 2014

3XR Challenge 2014 Week 6

You've gotta love the innovation of the Etsy Metal team! Here's another week of our artists cleverly finding ways to use materials from our stashes and caches to make beautiful new work!
1. SCJ Jewelry Design Sterling Silver Shamrock Necklace with Peridot EM3xR/wk5, 2. Knit Steel Respect, dignity, compassion pendants, hammered in sterling silver., 3. Sarah Hood Jewelry Steno Necklace 1, 4. Betsy Bensen Peridot ring, 5. Iacua 3xR 2014, 6. L Sue Szabo L. SUE SZABO/3XR-5,6, 7. Lichen and Lychee Patchwork Band in 14k White and Rose Gold, 8. Virginie Martin Studio 3xR Week 6, 9. Hybrid Handmade Cari-Jane Hakes 3xR week 6, 10. SCJ Jewelry Design EM3xR 2014/6 Sterling Silver and Copper Anticlastic Bracelet, 11. Bracken Designs 1592RubyWhiteSatinRingModel, 12. Hartley Studio Etsymetal 3xR week 6, 13. Beth Cyr Jewelry Love knot w/ sapphire - EtsyMetal 3xR challenge, 14. Knit Steel Textured and stained copper earrings

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