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ETSYMETAL Jewelry Challenge: Project Runway Season 7.5 " Design For Your Star "

WELCOME to the reveal of last weeks' Episode 4
"Design Your Heart Out!
Below are our 12 EtsyMetal Team entries, and one guest!
Last weeks' TV challenge was about The American Heart Association, they asked the designers to design gown to be worn at a AHA and Campbells sponsored social function. So we asked our designers to make a piece of jewelry using "the heart" as inspiration,and it is also nice that it is coinciding with Valentines day!
So this is what they came up with below!

Kathryn says, "Made from sterling silver with garnet. It's a variation of my 'Regrowth' series revolving around the rings on tree stumps."

Sara says, "I was originally going to make a locket, but I wanted a large hole in my heart. The hole represents our missing piece. It is that something that we are always looking for but never find. Difficulty purifies the heart and in turn becomes more beautiful. So instead of lamenting our brokeness our hearts are ornamented with gold and rubies.
Material: sterling silver, 18k gold, rubies.

Shannon says, ""Metal Valentine". Corrugated copper heart with heat patina pinned to a hand cut "doily". The doily is copper that has been enameled and etched."

Kira says, "Title: Soaring Hearts"

Inbar says, "Paisley (my favorite pattern) Heart"

Norsola says, "I was pretty excited about his week's challenge since the theme fits perfectly with a new series I've been working on... It's a locket containing a flaming sacred heart... the latin words " sanctus ignis sanctus viscus" (sacred fire sacred heart) are stamped on the sides of the locket..."
To see more views here.

Mark says, "Not my most technically challenging construction; but well suited to the style of its intended recipient..." Materials: lapis lazuli, sterling silver, found metal object.

Rachel says, "Material is Brass."

Beth says, "I really didn't want to do a heart anything, but I decided to suck it up and just do something quickly that I would wear and quit whining about it! So here it is! A little organic vine heart ring w/ patina that fits me. The heart is very subtle - camouflaged in the vines you might say! ha ha!

Kathryn Cole says, "Material: Sterling Silver"

Nina says, "This is a reversible heart bracelet. I feel like I've done a lot of "sweet" hearts lately for valentine's day, so this one is rougher and the hearts are not traditional, so I feel good about it."
See the underside of her bracelet here.

Victoria says, "I decided to try and make a classic antique paper Valentine style, with a modern twist."
On the back side I added a little "true love" plaque, click here to see.

Now to meet our GUEST Designer and her entry this week!I just want to add that it is a pleasure to see and have guests join in on this challenge, we love to meet new people and see wonderful new work, thank you for playing with us!
GUEST designer Maria Apostolou

Maria says, "Since I 've been obsessed with making "heart" jewelry lately, I decided to make one more for this challenge. I crocheted a tiny "heart" witch I sewed on a wet felted rectangle and then framed the entire piece in sterling silver."

This week we wanted to do a little extra to help out a good cause, as the Project Runway challenge was about women who had survived heart disease. So a couple of us made an extra piece of jewelry that we will sell in our Etsy shops and then donate 100% of the proceeds (minus fees) to the
"American Heart Association."
Below are the pieces to be donated:

Shannon Conrad / RubyGirl "Ruffle Heart Earrings"
Handcut copper hearts were given a corrugated texture. Heat from my torch turned them a lovely cherry red color. Blackened sterling earwires are soldered securely to the back. Heats measure approximately 3/4 x 3/4 inch. Earrings are 2 inches long.
Victoria Takahashi / Experimetal "Puffy Heart Necklace"
Sterling Silver hand fabricated heart. I oxidized the Sterling and then took off the highlights and shined it up a tiny bit for a soft aged look. It hangs about 1.5" from the chain and the chain is 17.5" long.
Nina Gibson Designs "Heart Pendant"
Hand formed and stamped Sterling Silver pendant.

Episode 5: Design for your Star!
This is going to be an interesting and fun challenge! Last night the designers challenge was to create a look to be worn by Heidi Klum on the cover of Marie Claire.
So to make it more interesting for everyone, the interpretation for this challenge is to have you to pick a favorite star or public figure and then design and make a piece of jewlery with that person in mind, something that you would imagine them wearing and loving! You never know what may happen!?
Have fun and we will see you next week, we are very much looking forward to seeing all your creations!
*click to watch Episode 5: MyLifetime full video here!

**guidelines for guest participants:**
Please read this every week as there may be small updates and changes. The pieces you submit must be pieces that are made specifically for that weeks challenge. Then post your links in this weeks comment area, I will retrieve them as they come in before the deadline.
*We only are accepting guest submissions from our blog comment area at this time, insert your links there. Then please cross-post this to your Blog, Flickr, Etsy, etc. And tag them with "Project Runway Season 7 Episode 5." Currently we will post your name with a link and a picture of your piece on our blog. Remember, the rigid deadline for submitting your link is always on Fridays, 12 noon, Pacific Standard Time. The new blog posts and the new challenge will go up the weekend after the new episode airs.


kathryncole said...

They are all so beautiful and unique. Very inspiring work everyone!

Juju By Sarah said...

These pieces are fantastic!

Eve Smith said...

wow there is some gorgeous pieces of work here from very talented artists, i do love sara's work ans kathryns hearts at the top is just gorgeous, i want them all,x

Orion Designs said...

The talent of the etsy metal team continues to amaze me!

Maria said...

This is my entry for episode 7.5

Maria said...

I accidentally erased the previous photo. I hope it's not too late now that I realized it!
This is the link to my entry

Victoria Takahashi said...

Thank you!!!!
writing this weeks post now :)

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