Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Etsy Metal Finds

As someone who was trained in science and who almost pursued a career in astronomy, stargazing has always been an integral part of my life. On any given night you can find me studying the vastness of the cosmos and pondering the origins and mechanics of the universe.

In my early days as a stargazer, I'll never forget the very first time I found the constellation Cassiopeia and realized that I was at the same time looking into a wispy arm of the Milky Way. I cried. Well, not literally, but to say that I was moved would be an understatement. Being able to look up and see billions and billions of stars outside of the glare of city lights, way up in the mountains, was an overwhelming experience (the histories of the mountains in and of themselves is phenomenal from a geological perspective, so consider that a double-whammy).

As the fall/winter viewing season gets underway, I encourage you to dust off your telescopes and binoculars and aim them upward. At a bare minimum, you must step outside and find Orion--and you can do that with the naked eye.

In the meantime I found a few "more frivolous" items to help get you in a stargazing mood. I had to try hard to limit myself to just a few because there were SO many fabulous things, and I could easily have listed 20 of my favorites!

Enjoy, and Clear skies!

Leo Constellation Star Astronomy Graphic Tee by Isotope

Astronomical Clock-Prague 8x12 fine art photograph by photohale

Retro Scifi Tech Small Tilting Tabletop Telescope in Wood Metallic Silver by builderstudio

Free Luna Set of 5 Blank Greeting Cards by DaogreerEarthWorks

Mad Scientist Challenge: “I Am Starstuff” bracelet by Molecularmuse

Star and Sparkle, Adopt an Alien Conjoined Twins by AdoptanAlien

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