Saturday, August 13, 2011

"What's New" - this week in our shops

  1. Ice Queen Necklace with Blue Lace Agate Druzy  by Nina Gibson Designs
  2. Saucers Groovy Medium Sterling Pendant  by panicmama
  3. Heavy Faceted Quartz Ring Sterling silver  by Adobe Sol
  4. Three Tier Lace Circle Earrings - Sterling Silver  by Elizabeth Scott Designs
  5. Black Nicotiana Earrings  by Cynthia Del Giudice
  6. Mr. smiley skull head with daisies- one of a kind by Twigs and Heather
  7. meadow pendant - prehnite, green amber, sterling silver, hallmark by NR jewellery design
  8. Silver and Resin Drop Earrings in Coral Orange, Fragment by Quercus Silver
  9. Green Sapphire Necklace with White Topazes, and Fine Silver- Snow Globe  by L. Sue Szabo
  10. Sterling Silver Knots Ring. Rustic Knotty. Kinetic  by aroluna
  11. Ying Yang paisley brass hoop earrings  by Cosmos Moon
  12. Black Widow Pendant - Hand Cast in Sterling Silver  by rubygirl
  13. Victorian Ribbon Copper Hoop Earrings  by 2Roses
  14. Sterling silver stacking rings - set of four  by Hartley Studio
  15. Rose Cut Labradorite and Peridot Sea Anemone Necklace in Sterling Silver by Shirlee Grund
  16. Rough Cut Geometry Square Necklace in Sterling Silver by Lichen And Lychee
  17. rather be SAILING silver pendant by Simply Mega
  18. Green Blue Labradorite Sterling Silver Ergo Ring size 7.5 by nodeform

Be here again next Saturday :-)

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RosyRevolver said...

Um. Can I just say how freaking amazing you people are?

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