Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Member Profile - Marcus Marguillier and Kirsten Denbow

For this week's new member profiles, I'd like to introduce you to two of our newest members, Marcus Marguillier of The Pearl Forest and Kirsten Denbow of Kismetdesigns.

Marcus joined our team in February of 2011. Here are some of Marcus' wonderful rings and a little about him and his work:

Marcus Marguillier, contemporary jeweler, born 1955 in Belgium and living in the beautiful mountains of Mallorca (Balearic islands Spain).

As a young man I studied graffic design, classical ballet and mime corporel.
Being occupied with ” design “, ” art ” and ” body-movement ” for an important period of my life made me the person I am and formed me as an artist. It determined my personal style that reflects in my work.
I studied jewelry at the art academy of St. Niklaas in Belgium and was thought the "finesse" of this wonderful craft by my personal teacher and mentor Hilde van Belleghem who's own work inspires me until today. In many of my creations I search for simplicity. Pure lines and simple forms often have the upper hand in my work.
A piece may be complex to make, the result must convince by its lightness.

As an artist I am quiet eclectic. Futuristic designs as well as fragile, feminine creations and "Steampunk" inspired pieces are part of my oevre.

The second new member I want to tell you about is Kristen Denbow. Kristen joined our team just recently this past June. Here is some of Kristen's work and a little bit about Kristen:

LUCKY YOU bracelet w/toggle

silver disk pendant with spokes

Giddy up - One of a Kind pendant

I have been making things as long as I can remember. Along the way I have learned to knit, sew, blow glass, weld, paint, draw, weave, throw clay, name it, I've tried it! When it came to choosing a career I always knew it would involve something creative but I didn't find my direction until college. I originally went to school to study furniture design but fell in love with metal along the way. Jewelry has been a part of my life for over 17 years but this is my first go at really turning my passion into my livelihood. I am currently teaching high school jewelry (part time) and running my studio.
My work is inspired by so many different things. I am drawn to funky objects and oddities and I always try to keep a sense of humor about my work so I don't take myself too seriously. Opposites are always intriguing to me. I look for interesting pairs like, something dirty and worn next to something new and shiny or a piece of fine silver holding a piece of plastic that I was going to throw away. Most of the time, I intentionally stay away from using precious metals and fine stones or gems. I want the beauty of my work to stand on its own and be valued for the design, the shape, the color, the manipulation of the metal, the images, or the concept rather than the intrinsic value of the materials I use.
I generally fabricate most or all of my work. I love taking a flat piece of sheet metal and a spool of wire and transforming them into something unique. I get a great sense of accomplishment every time I finish a piece and know that the skills I have developed over the years have allowed me to transform simple materials into something special. I feel I am truly blessed to be able to do this for a living and to share my skills through my jewelry classes.

We are thrilled to have both Kristen and Marcus on our team! Check back next week for two more new member profiles. Have a great week!

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