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Project Runway: Season 9: Episode 4 -"All About Nina"

This weeks challenge:
Air: 8.18.11
My Lifetime, Thursdays, 9pm PST.

The Project Runway Challenge:
The designers were asked to design a day to night outfit for Nina Garcia

For Our Etsy Metal Translation:
Make a piece of jewelry for Nina. There was a scene where she was going through jewelry at Marie Claire. Also she notes that she likes streamlined, modern looks. Whatever you do, don't bore Nina!

Rebecca Bogan
I have designed a classic and bold pearl necklace with simple, clean lines for Nina Garcia. It features a large 8.5mm AAA quality white pearl. Nina could wear this necklace to the office as well as an evening company event.

A brooch with clean lines, simple design but with the twist of a very graphic piece of petrified palm. And an added touch of luxury on the back with 14kt pin findings.

I love the winning design from this week's show, created by Kimberly Goldson, and I made a cuff in my style that coordinates with the outfit. Kimberly's gold, textured top has many sharp details and makes such a statement that a big and bold bracelet seems all that's needed to set it off and balance the asymmetry.

Here is mine for becky's design...
I am playing with my torch enameling.....
Fine silver, torch enameling. cold connections and sterling silver cable.

I think this piece would work quite beautifully with the winning design Kimberly came up with this week. The golden brass would pair well with the shimmery blouse and the blue-green flashes in the labradorite would compliment the navy slacks! Perfect for the work day or the nightlife!

I had all these cast circles that I split one day thinking I'd make a bracelet for myself. I never did, so I used this one to cut and added 14K dangles to it.

I know from watching the show that Nina likes big, bold pieces of jewelry. I made this ring from a cast piece of birch bark in sterling silver. It's big. It measures 1 1/4" long and 3/4" wide. It's going straight to my private collection. Unless Nina herself wants it. Then I could let it go.

I went for geometric and clean for Nina...she is a tough one to design for!

ok, here's mine. i made this using clean lines and a muted palette for Nina. It is sort of classic but the texturing and patina gives it a bit of a "twist". I think it could go day to night, the pearl dresses it up a bit and makes it an evening appropriate piece too

Twisted, fold form leaf, about 5" long, enameled white on the inside and layers and layers of chartreuse, clear, green, and black enamel on the outside. Torch fired. Stick pin. Phew!

My inspiration was all the angles in the winning outfit and for my love of barnacles.

I really wanted to do a large cuff because I think that would totally make the outfit and I saw a few pics online of Nina wearing them but I didn't have a large enough piece of brass at I combined my RAW ring and PR challenge piece again this week. A simple large brass ring to go with Kimberly's outfit. The texture in the brass is a similar look to the texture of the gold fabric.

I loved the kimono-like folds of the winning outfit and the subdued metallic color. My ring is wrapped and folded, brushed and then oxidized for an understated clean modern look.

It can be worn either way!

Olive green sea glass wide band ring.

This is a wide band fused argentium ring I designed to look like lace. It's something I've been wanting to make for a while. I think it might work for her since it's bold and modern in a way. (Just in a scribbly lacey kind of way!)

Sterling Silver and Button I bought in Paris.

Gold plated Brass and Copper with Synthetic Blue Topaz.

Next weeks challenge:
The Project Runway Challenge:
The designers were asked to design a collection to go with Heidi's collection for New Balance.

For Our Etsy Metal Translation:
The challenge remains the same, make something that would work well with Heidi's sport New Balance collection. See it here.

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Highend Jade Experts said...

I love all the pieces in this challenge. It’s very bold. It’s very modern. I think Nina will not get bored with these jewelries. It is very chic. My fave is the gold cuff. I have to get some for myself.

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