Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Member Profile - Panicmama and NRJewellerydesign

Howdy! I'm back again this week to introduce two new Etsymetal members to you. Panicmama and NRJewellerydesign both joined us at this last jury in June and we are so happy to have them both!

First up is Renee from Panicmama. Here is some of Renee's beautiful work:

Zen Plank Pend-Er set

Pod Bk Jade Diamond gold pend

Zen Arches Red Rutilated Quartz Pendant

Ever since my first metalsmithing class in college, I have been making jewelry. I feel very fortunate to be still making jewelry after 20 years. I continually explore new techniques, styles & methods of creating. I enjoy the process of creating the jewelry as much as the end result. Many of my designs focus on semi translucent & opaque gemstones like agates & jaspers. Their rich visual textures capture my attention.

Every piece i make begins on a 150 pound anvil that has been in my family for over a century. My love of tools, specifically hammers, is almost always evident in each piece I fabricate. The evidence a hammer blow makes against my anvil leaves a trail that indicates how I have manipulated the metal at my will into becoming a new shape. I choose to leave this trail as to bring the viewer into the process of creation.

Focusing on process leads to new ideas & a way to keep my work fresh. Keeping my eyes open & my sketch book near, I hope to capture that idea & translate it into a treasure for generations to cherish.

Next is Nikki of NRJewellerydesign. Here are three pieces very representative of Nikki's style:

And here is a little about Nikki:

I love making things... Whilst neither of my parents are artistic they have always encouraged me whole heartedly. When I was little, I tried everything; at one point I had a potters wheel, a loom and a sewing machine. At school I sold handmade friendship bracelets made from coloured cotton and wooden beads for 50p!

I have always loved jewellery and been particularly drawn to metal and gemstone pieces but never considered working with metal. I didn’t realise it was something that “normal” people could do so I never thought about it. Then one day, just over a couple of years ago, a friend said she was doing a silver jewellery course at the local college (it was a rubbish course apparently but I didn’t listen to that part!). I was so surprised that I could learn to do something so amazing! From that point on I desperately wanted to learn. I did some research and found a little studio in the next county that did two day courses. I signed myself up straight away; I made a ring and a pendant and was hooked from the moment I picked up my first saw. As soon as I got home I started ordering tools.

I am self taught. My jewellery is chunky and industrial but also feminine. I mostly use sterling silver but have recently started working with copper which has a lovely warmth to it. I love the colour and individuality that gemstones add, and often pieces are designed around a particular stone. When I am feeling inspired I sit down with my box of gemstones, a pencil and my sketch pad. I have so many designs it takes me a while to decide which ones to make! I normally add a brushed patina to my pieces; it really makes the stones stand out and gives beautiful dimension. I love making jewellery; each and every item has made me happy and I hope this is passed on to whoever wears it.

Thanks to both Renee and Nikki for being such great new members on our team! I'll be back next week with more introductions.

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Suzanne said...

Beautiful jewellery. I love the texture and contrasts, stunning!

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