Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How Do You Hold Your Flex Shaft?

A little while ago, some of the team members started discussing how and why we hold the flex shaft (or micromotor) the way we do.  It was interesting to see the various ways.

Inbar Bareket:  Two ways I am holding my micromotor when drilling. I show the way I support for being stable.
I prefer holding the micromotor this way. my little finger against the bench pin for support and my middle finger on the base of the drill feeling the movement....
This is the other way Inbar holds her micromotor.

Nina Gibson:  This is how I typically hold the flex when drilling. I don't remember being told to do it any particular way in school. I punch a point in the spot where the hole goes into the metal so the bit doesn't skitter around and anchor my wrist and go. It looks a little crooked in the photo, but the hole had already been drilled, just taking the picture with my elbow. I normally hold the drill bit perpendicular to the metal.
And here's how Elizabeth at esjewelry holds it.
Deborah at e5jewelry:  I haven't been taught how to use a flexshaft, or drill-I just do what make sense to me... I drill right into the table-it's wood, so it works. :) I use a punch first, then use bur life on the drill (keeps the heat down and moves through the metal better I feel) and go for it..and this is how I hold it.
Karla Wheeler:  This is how I hold the flex shaft for drilling, (its different grip for sanding and grinding) I get stability with the heel of my hand, and I get good grip on the piece with my left hand. I switch hands if I am doing a lot of drilling and my hand gets tired or I need to see things from a different angle.
Su @ Quercus Silver:  I use a kind of reverse pencil grip and try and stay relaxed when I drill. It gives me good visibility and control.
Betsy Bensen holds it like this.
Theresa @ TK Metal Arts:  I first make a divot on the target spot with a center punch.  Then, making sure my wrist is supported on something solid, I come down as straight as I can.
Do you hold your flex shaft or micromotor like any of us?  Or you have other favorite ways?  Tell us about them in the comments below.

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Alice Schmidt said...

I hold my flex shaft as in the first photography. It is the way I have learned it at my school.

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