Friday, September 19, 2014

ETSYMETAL Jewelry Challenge: Project Runway Season 13.8 REVEAL "The Rainway"

Welcome to the reveal of last weeks' Episode 8

"The Rainway"
The Project Runway challenge:
Unlike any other challenge on Project Runway, the designers need to step it up when they are challenged to create avant garde looks that will be able to stand up to the elements, especially the rain. This time, the runway will be transformed into a rainway!
The EtsyMetal Translation:
Use the inspiration or your interpretation of "RAIN" to make a piece of jewelry!
And here is our one team members' reveal!
Sterling Silver.
Episode 9: 
"American Girl"
Project Runway Season 13, Episode 9 ~ Air Date: 9/18/14.
Season 13, Episode 9 - The designers have to show their inner youth when their challenge takes them to the American Girl Store. They are tasked with creating fashionable, age appropriate looks for their young female models based on the American Girl Historical Character line.
Our EtsyMetal Translation:
Here are the 8 American Girls in the "Be Forever" line. If you go to each individual girls link, you can find more little tidbits of information about their lives, clothing, etc.

Please read their stories below and pick one of these 8 dolls you can identify with for your jewelry inspiration!
Addy Walker 1864
I've escaped to a new life. My whole world is opening wide, but I'm learning that freedom doesn't make everything easy. Through it all, family is what keeps me going. Just the thought of us all together gives me strength.
Caroline Abbott 1812
I've outfoxed enemy soldiers, chased thieves on my uncle's farm, and survived an icy dip in Lake Ontario. While I've faced my share of adventures, the bravest thing I can ever do is believe in myself.
Josefina Montoya 1824
I always have a moment to listen, a smile to share, and a place in my heart for the people and animals on my family's rancho. Some say I'm too quiet, but I'm never shy about showing how much I care.
Julie Albright 1974
I like school and hanging out with friends, and I play on the basketball team. The boys' basketball team. I'll take on any challenge. Sometimes, I take on too much. But that's OK—everything will turn out groovy in the end.
Kaya 1764
Wild adventures and amazing surprises are everywhere in nature, and it's hard not to get caught up in the excitement! I'm lucky that my loyal mare, Steps High, always walks the right path—and teaches me to do the same.
Kit Kittredge 1934
I love putting my creativity to work, because it sure is fun to solve problems. Whether it's a fussy old typewriter, a school project, or a list of chores—I can figure out how to turn anything into a good time.
Rebecca Rubin 1914
When I can put my talents to good use, I act. I'm ready for any role that lets me brighten people's lives—whether gathering around the Sabbath candles with family, helping a neighbor, or giving my all in front of a crowd!
Samantha Parkington 1904
I've never met a tree I couldn't climb, a rule I couldn't ruffle, or a friend I couldn't help. I'm all heart and always ready to lend a hand to somebody in need.
*guidelines for guest participants*
The pieces you submit must be pieces that are made with intent for that weeks challenge. Then post your  Flickr, FB links (I need to be able to grab the photo) in this weeks comment area below, I will retrieve them as they come in before the deadline.
We will post your name, link, description (you write) and a picture of your piece on this blog. Remember, the rigid deadline for submitting your link is always on Thursdays, 12 midnight, Pacific Standard Time. The new blog posts will go up on Friday.

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MusaLunera said...

My necklace is for Kaya ...
Cow horn focal piece, seed beads, coral, nacar, and bone beads.

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