Saturday, July 26, 2014

ETSYMETAL Jewelry Challenge: Project Runway Season 13.1 "The Judges Decide"

And a new season begins, the EtsyMetal team is excited to start a new round of Project Runway Jewelry Challenge!
Lets just jump right on in and begin shall we? This one is an easy one, a nice way to ease on into the new season! We cannot wait to see what you create! Please feel free to browse around 6 past seasons of our Project Runway Jewelry Challenges we have held, a lot of amazingly creative pieces have been inspired!

Episode 1: "The Judges Decide"
Air date: 7.24.15  on My Lifetime channel
The Project Runway challenge: With one outfit, give the judges a glimpse of a hypothetical spring collection. Designers must choose from an assortment of 5 fabrics provided to them at the start of the challenge.
The EtsyMetal Translation: Pick how ever many of these 5 ingredients below to make a piece of jewelry!


And as always we love and look forward to others playing along with us,

please join in!

**guidelines for guest participants:**
The pieces you submit must be pieces that are made with intent for that weeks challenge. Then post your  Flickr, FB links (I need to be able to grab the photo) in this weeks comment area below, I will retrieve them as they come in before the deadline.
We will post your name, link, description (you write) and a picture of your piece on this blog. Remember, the rigid deadline for submitting your link is always on Thursdays, 12 midnight, Pacific Standard Time. The new blog posts will go up  on Fridays.


Kalaya Steede said...

What fun it was to do this challenge! Here are my links.


MusaLunera said...

Leidi Jorge: Here is my piece ...

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