Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October 2013 ~ Jewelry Challenge ~ " Downton Abbey"

With inspiration from the PBS Masterpiece Series Downton Abbey our EtsyMetal Team participants have entered a handmade piece of jewelry using their own interpretation of the Monthly Jewelry Challenge theme. Enjoy!

Ann Hartley of Hartley Studio

" I kept thinking about the Chanel dress Lady Mary wore at the end of Season-2 when she was dancing with Matthew...when Lavinia had the Spanish Flu."


Cari-Jane Hakes of hybrid handmade 

"I took my inspiration from a very simple wedding dress costume worn in one of the episodes and was looking to produce a design that looked at the Edwardian era as this pivotal time which you can see reflected in the costumes."... "I've used some handmade lace to texture the silver, ball chain to act as a modern interpretation of the pearl necklace and some actual 'pearls' housed in a simple, modern shape. "... "I've put a quote on the back from Lady Grantham which made me smile."
Please visit Cari-Jane Hakes' Blog for her process in making this fabulous piece!


Irene of Aroluna

Downton-Moonstone Garnet Sterling Silver Chandelier


Andrea of Artigiano Jewel Box

Antique amethyst teardrop necklace with garnet accents



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