Sunday, July 14, 2013

EtsyMetal Charm Swap 11 Wrap Up

The EtsyMetal Charm Swap 11 is complete! Everyone did such an amazing job and I want to thank each and every artist for participating ! It was great fun for me !

Here is our Charm bracelet for CS 11.
You can purchase this bracelet at EtsyMetal Shop !


50% of Proceeds from this sale will benefit POSSCA, Patrons of South Sound Cultural Arts in Olympia, WA, which supporta activities, projects and programs that give young people an opportunity to deepen and extend their experience with art in education, and by raising money to stimulate public appreciation for, and interaction with, the artists who live in the community.To find out more about this organization, please visit:

The Bracelet features handmade charms from 19 members of the EtsyMetal team!
Contributing members for this project are:
1. Fancy Button Chary by InbarBareket *CS11 Curator*
2. Window to the Waves Charm by NinaGibsonDesigns
3. Rose Chandelier Charm by iacua
4. Porcupine Sushi by panicmama
5. Transformation Chary by ErinAustin
6. Holey Bits Charm by ReaganHayhurst
7. Hoop Loops Charm by tuizui
8. Forest of One Charm by silentgoddess *CS11 Curator*
9. Center Punch Charm by jenlawlerdesigns
10. MIxed Metal Eclipse Charm by Michelle Grady
11. Pliny's Trifecta: Square Nail Charm by citizenobjects
12. Ex-Ray Man Charm by jewellietta
13. Wake the **** Up Mug Charm by e5jewelry
14. Floral Charm by experimetal
15. Rose Window at Rouen by Gracebourne
16. Jungle Love Heart Leaf Charm by simplyMegA
17. Golden steel by littlebirdlove
18. Yellow Lava Charm by renonav
19. EtsyMetal Logo Charm by PeculiarForest

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