Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Charm Bracelet for Ganoksin - Collaboration Piece

This amazing Charm Bracelet has found a new home !

During monsoon season this winter in Thailand, flooding was especially hard this year. The metalworking community has been acutely aware of this disaster, as the home of one of our favorite recourse providers was directly in the path of the flooding waters. The Ganoksin Project is a gem and jewelry resource providing connection and education to jewelers by facilitating online sharing of information globally. As they struggled to provide uninterrupted service during the worst of the flooding, we at EtsyMetal wanted to do something to help. Fourteen EtsyMetal artists have collaborated to make this one of a kind piece. For more information on this wonderful site, please see: and the flood journal:

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this bracelet was sent directly to Ganoksin to help them to continue to provide free information which improves conditions through information to jewelers globally.

Fourteen charms with heartfelt meaning and a sterling silver bracelet chain make up this gorgeous, collector's piece.

The Bracelet chain and charms have been donated by:

Inbar Bareket EtsyMetal / Ganoksin Charm and Bracelet Chain. The Ganoksin and EtsyMetal Logos are etched into sterling silver.

Danielle Miller
Sterling and blue topaz Charm with 14 k gold

Betsy Benson
Turquoise and Sterling Silver.

e5Jewelry May their bowls be full again charm
nugold, sterling and fine silver, lab grown pink sapphire and gold-filled

Erga Sterling SIlver Nail Charm
A nail fashioned from sterling silver is formed into a beautiful circle

Sterling Silver, Amethyst, copper

Brass coral Charm with aquamarine, jade, peridot and sterling silver accents

Nodeform Sterling Silver Drop Charm
A lovely cast drop of sterling silver

Nina Gibson Good Luck Charm
Three rainbow moonstone charms sewn onto sterling silver.

Wrapped white agate, sterling silver

sterling silver, 14 k rose gold, rose cut labradorite

enameled pea pod charm with swarovski crystal pearls

Kirsten Dendow Wave Charm
Copper and sterling silver.

Michele Grady Mini Constricted Heart Charm
Copper and sterling silver.

For more information on our Ganoksin outreach, and for individual photos of the charms included, please see
Thank you.

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Leonore said...

let me know when you do this again so I can join!

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