Friday, September 2, 2011

Project Runway: Season 9: Episode 5 -"Off The Track"

This weeks challenge:
Episode 5 "Off the Track"
Air: 8.25.11
My Lifetime, Thursdays, 9pm PST.

The Project Runway Challenge:
The designers were asked to design a collection to go with Heidi's collection for New Balance.

For Our Etsy Metal Translation:
The challenge remains the same, make something that would work well with Heidi's sport New Balance collection. See it here.

In the episode they mentioned that the designers should use suede and denim. I made a fun pair of earrings, incorporated green suede, sandwiched and silver-riveted between sawn copper.

This is a 41" wrap bracelet. Black leather with textured sterling clasp and slider bead.

I was inspired by this piece in the heidi klum collection- i liked the color blocking and the color palette. i decided to run with that. the designers had to design a collection of 3 pieces this week, i did the same.
here's the inspiration piece-

I don't know, the first thought I had in my head was running shoes>shoelaces and once that was in my brain there was nothing else. I didn't look at Heidi's line and I completely blocked out the part about denim and suede! I was on a mission in my own little running shoe fashion world!

Pink leather and silver. Simple and bold for the winning dress.

Tiny pebble necklace made in sterling silver. Goes great with any of Heidi's tank top dresses. Off to the beach!

I'm really happy with the way this turned out. It's made of recycled sterling silver, fold formed and oxidized to go with the short crinkle dress from the show. I gave it a black leather necklace to go with the leather jacket:

This necklace can go with quite a few of the outfits on this episode. Long Whimsy Necklace.

I thought that these outfits are for people on the go. So I created a piece with a small "compass" so they don't loose their direction in the hustle and bustle. Ok, the symbolic compass doesn't really actually work, but it has N S E W on it and it spins:) Just as good, right.

Brass & Sterling Silver

Brass & Suede.
The sleeves of the winning jacket served as inspiration for this pendant.

I had this lovely druzy that seemed to work well with the color scheme that they were using so I made this ring...

Black onyx to go with the leather jacket.

The patina on the cuff was the result of a pickle accident, but I think it works. The cord is leather.

Next weeks challenge:
The Project Runway Challenge:
The designers were teamed up with kids from an arts school and asked to collaborate on a work of art and use that as inspiration for an avant garde piece..

For Our Etsy Metal Translation:
Make a an "avant garde" piece of jewelry using a work of art as your inspiration. If you have access to a child and want to collaborate on something, go for it!

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Maria Apostolou said...

Hi everyone! I always enjoy watching your Project Runway Challenges, all very inspiring!!! This week I thought I'd play too, I hope that you still accept guest submissions. This is the piece that I made for episode 9.6:

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