Thursday, August 26, 2010

Charm Swap 6

Kathryn Riechert is playing with ideas...
"I've been thinking about my charm and I think at the moment I'm leaning towards something critter like, but I'm still playing around. Who knows how they will end up... At any rate, this is my playing so far, made out of vintage flatware"

two days later: "I really think this is what I want to do. I'm having so much fun figuring them out! I think there will a few different designs/animals, with several of each to reach the 22 charms."

I want them all :-) Kathryn!

Maria Whetman AKA fluxplay : "So here is the final design for the Etsy Metal charmswap series 6.
There are 3 little holes into which you have to try and get the 3 ballbearings into...not so easy on a concave surface.
This little fella is infact number 1 of 22. He is one inch across exactly (the maximum size allowed for the charms). So far, I have made all 21 of the remaining oxidised copper shells, some are lightly oxidised and some are heavily oxidised, all with the star texture buffed back to clean copper, then waxed to seal. I counted the little teeth on this charm and worked out that I have sawn out well over 900 teeth for the batch, but each charm shape only takes me 3 minutes to saw out, as I am super speedy with a saw. I have 21 more glass bevel discs, 63 more of the teeniest ballbearings you can get (3 per pod) and 21 jump rings made up to the correct gauge. I now need to make a further 21 of the decorative steel inserts (every single one will be different) made by recycling old tins, and set them into the casings, under the glass discs". 

So much fun !!!

I cannot wait for next week !!!

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