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The Next Etsy Metal Jewelry Challenge: Project Runway Season 6-Episode 7: "Blue!"

Here are our fabulous "ten" EtsyMetal participant entries from last weeks'
"Create a Character" theme!
LAST week our particiants were asked to write a short story about a character in a genre,
and then design a piece of jewelry around thier story. Thier choices of film genres were:
"Action Adventure, Film Noir, Science Fiction, Period Piece, Western"

But first, for those of you who are just stopping in for a peek, EtsyMetal is holding a fun freestyle Jewelry Challenge that is coinciding with Project Runway episodes. Every Friday we will post the video snippet (see bottom of this post) of the latest PR challenge, then we post all the submissions from the previous weeks challenge. (as seen below)

#1~ Stacey Hansen
Science Fiction
Stacey says, "The ring itself belongs to a wandering alien (for lack of a better word.)she does not feel at home in any one place and chooses to explore far away galaxies.thus, the ring is weathered and worn in the uppermost point is a star ruby that extends from its hollow base and is used as a homing device when she is ready to be whisked away to the next mysterious world."To read more about this challenge on Stacey's blog.

#2~ Shannon Conrad
Period Piece

Shannon say's, "My character is a young gentlewoman living in London. The year is 1857. The love of her life was a soldier who was killed in the Crimean War. Distraught, she married a "suitable" man and while he provides well for her, it is a loveless marriage. She throws herself into charity work to fill the void. She works tirelessly, helping protitutes to get out of the life and find respectable positions, often in the household's of her society friends." See more pics in Shannon's Flickr!

#3~ Sara Westermark " Modern Victorian Bracelet "
Science Fiction
Sara says, "This is no mere bracelet, it is a time travel bracelet. Each ornamental ball houses an atomic reactor with a fusion generator that acts as a transporter through time and space. The heroine travels back in time to save humans from the brink of extinction, by preventing choices that led to War to end All Wars. It all began with the industrial revolution....." See Sara's blog post here!

#4~Kathryn Riechert
Science Fiction
Kathryn says, "My story is that there is a fantasy world and a woodland fairy race needs to find a new home. They need a very specific environment, and it is one that their princess will create by planting a seed from a magical flower. Of course the princess is on the run and add in all sorts of drama etc. Also imagine that this a film geared towards kids and that it is possibly animated. At any rate, this is the necklace the princess wears and this is the last flower, kept by the only princess, and the blue amazonite seed is the last hope for this race of beings. See Kathryn's Flickr for more pics!

#5~Rachelle Stromberg "Map of the Universe"
Science FIctionRachelle says, "A space ship with human colonists who were in cryostasis and were traveling to a near by planet to start a new settlement went off course when there was a malfunction in the computers auto pilot. They woke 50 years later to discover they were not even in the same solar system and were forced to find a new planet to settle. The only map they have to find there way back to earth is the map of the galaxy in this ring which had been a gift to the captain of the ship from her husband. The ring has been pasted down many generations as they work towards developing the technology to find their way home. See more of Rachele's pics here.

#6~Mike Stromberg "Nano-foll"
Science Fiction
Mike's story, "October 2, 2009 Norman, Oklahoma In an exciting new development from the world of Nanotechnology, leading nanotech research firm Tinytiny Tech along with Mike and Mary Jewelry has developed an exciting new jewelry technology. Nano-Foll Jewelry Technology uses nanotechnology to custom grow jewelry using existing hair follicles. But the most exciting development may be that each piece of jewelry is completely customized to the individual using the dna of the user. Please read the rest of the story here in Mike's flicker.

#7~Thomasin Durgin "Sylvia's Hypnotic Ring"
Film Noir
Tomi say's "Secret double agent Sylvia DeVille eats men for breakfast. Standing 6 feet tall with long, lustrous black hair, her curves are rivaled only by her sumptuous red lips and deep green eyes. She lures dignitaries, rebels, and presidents into her snare and when the time is right, directs their attention to the kinetic ring on her right hand. As the spiral spins Sylvia's victims feel themselves begin to drift away and while hypnotized they reveal their deepest secrets. At this moment men are helpless to Sylvia's desires and directives, and she alone has changed the course of the world many times. The end of the cold war? The fall of the Berlin Wall? The abolishing of apartheid? Sylvia has had a hand in all of these events, and many more. Surely you don't think Americans elected a black president of their own free will. Alas, I've said too much. Here, gaze into my ring…
See Tomi's Flickr for more pictures and video of her ring!

#8~ Victoria Takahashi "The Wisdom of Cat"
Science Fiction
"This neckpiece is a relic from the year 2009 that was excavated from the northern hemisphere of earth around the numerical year 3049. It is a very mysterious piece. It is believed to be a fortune teller amulet of sorts. These are very rare and were regarded as a tool used in magic arts. It is being held in a safe in a unknown place for fear of it being abused. It is rumored that Her Great Eminence has it in her safe keeping.
"Ask us a question if you dare to hear the truth" chimed the cat in a scowling sing song meow...
If you do ask, there will be a consequence, consequence, consequence.......
Is there anything you would have to ask?"
To see more pictures please see my EMJC-PR Flickr pics.

#9~ Nina Gibson "Millies Memories"
Period Piece
"Millie Gray boards a bus bound for Hollywood in 1940. She has no beau in the army training camp to stay loyal to and only her mother to disapprove of her pursuit of her dream of a career as an actress. She arrives with her single suitcase and no one to meet her. After finding an apartment to share with several other girls, she is lost in a sea of young, beautiful actresses hoping for any role in any movie. She can sing and dance and lands several auditions, but has trouble staying off of the casting couch. She finally gets cast as an extra in a war propaganda movie. Excited in her new found career, she shows up on the set and gets into costume. Her military uniform includes a drab olive green skirt, blouse and a tie. The only flash of color on her costume is a chevron brooch with a lipstick red stone. She doesn't get shot close enough to the camera for the brooch to show up on screen, however. On the last day on set, she kisses her fellow extras goodbye, and slips the pin into her handbag to save as a memento of her film career and boards the bus going back home to help her mother with her victory garden. Her grand-daughter, Millie, a successful actress, always wears the pin on her movie auditions in Hollywood, 60 years later." To read more on Nina's blog here.

#10~ Beth Cyr "Spider Queen"
Science Fiction"
Beth says, "Ara spread out her hands, stretching and contracting them. She’d been sitting at her computer too long and her hands were going numb. Out of the corner of her eye she saw it again, the web, but knew if she tried to look at it, it would be gone again. So instead she just looked past the screen out the window at the city lights. How something could be so dark and lit up at the same time she would never understand and didn’t want to. New York City. It was not her city and it never would be. She’d been here a year, living in the cubicle called an apartment (which thankfully had a nice view) and she still didn’t know her way around. She doubted she ever would.
To read the rest of Beth's story here.

And "TWO GUEST" submissions!
Tiffany Nelson chose Science Fiction,
and she writes, "It is a bracelet forged by the moon goddess Elune herself is said to bring strength and protection to the one who bears the mark of the wild, Vesara. She is the only one that can wear the bracelet and her existence is endanger of being erased from history forever by the enchantress, Calinia who wishes to harness the power of the bracelet for herself."

Jo Hollingsworth "Mod Daisy necklace"
Film Noir
She writes, "Our heroine, who has been sent by her country to spy on a suspected traitor, has fallen deeply in love with the man she has been sent to spy on. He is desperately in love with her as well, but she never tells him that she loves him, because she is living a double life as a spy, and she knows she cannot stay.In the Victorian language of flowers, the daisy represents either loyal love or farewell, depending on the type of daisy. During the final scene, our noble spy wears the daisy necklace to symbolize her eternal love for this man, and the tragic fact that she will never see him again." 

"Thank You Tiffany and Jo!!!"

Now for Episode 7: Video snippet "BLUE!"

Designers, this one is self explanitory. Make something Blue! And if you feel so inclined the PR challenge was for two pieces, so be it if you will and you have motivation then make two blue pieces!
"Now Carry ON!"

*guidelines for guest participants: The pieces you submit should be pieces that are made specifically for the weeks show. Please then post your links in our comment area, then cross-post this to your blog, Flickr, Etsy, etc. And please tag your photos this week with "EMJC-PR6.7-Blue". Currently we post your name with a link to your piece on our blog. If we get more participation from our lovely guests we will start posting pictures of your pieces on the blog too! We can't wait to see what you will come up with! Remember, the deadline for submitting your link is always on Fridays, 12 noon, Pacific Standard Time.


Victoria Takahashi said...

I just wanted to add here that I really enjoyed your stories and though that was different and really cool.
Thank you everyone for getting your pieces in and playing! You all are amazing, seriously.

AND its so exciting to have Tiffany and Jo submit pieces last challenge! yay!

ok off to ponder my Blue project......

genie marie said...

OMG...seriously I am blown away by this weeks offerings!I LOVE that you guys are doing this and look forward to every Friday. Thanks so so much for sharing.

Tiffany Nelson said...

I am so glad you guys do this, it really gets my creative juice flowing especially when trying to come up with things to fit the challenge. This week my torch was on the fritz so I had to come up with something with no soldering involved and found a new love for etching! I look forward every week to seeing the new designs from everyone.

idreamicanfly said...

Sliding in under the wire once more:


Victoria Takahashi said...

these came in yesterday too!
from Cory Howard!

Victoria Takahashi said...

Tiffany where are you!?

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