Saturday, May 23, 2009

Safe Packaging

Though it would be nice if each and every one of our packages was handled with delicate care, its not always the case. Packaging your items safely is very important. Even if the item is a tough metal ring - it should still be lovingly and safely contained. My preferred method is a small box inside of a bubble mailer or another box - like free priority ones! I wrap each item in tarnish resistant tissue, place in a box and tie w/ a ribbon. Now some might think this is a little over kill. But I would rather know that each and every one of my pieces A. make it to the destination safely, and B. make it there in general. I recently had an unfortunate even of a customer mailing a ring to me in a regular paper envelope.

The Houdini ring made its great escape somewhere between CA and GA. It could be laying on the floor at some mail sorting facility, or it could be on someone's finger right now.... When the mail gets run through the machines, they can cause any metal bit, or uneven object to create an indentation in the paper and possible create a tear large enough for the item to fall out of the envelope.

And if not fall out - it does at least alert an dishonest person that, "Hey, that looks like a ring!" I'd like to hope that the latter would never be the case... but why give anything away?

I also like to insure just about everything. I'm one of those better safe than sorry people. So if you are seller, keep your packaging safe, and if you have a customer mailing something to you, please remember to remind them to package it safely too! Most people just aren't used to shipping packages very often, a little helpful hint could save a piece of jewelry from getting lost!


Lori said...

I can't believe someone would think it would be ok to send you a ring in a plain old envelope like that!

Diamond Core Drill Bits said...

ITS REALLY AMAZING TO BELIEVE THAT someone can send the ring in that way..

Victoria Takahashi said...

I completely agree with your post, I feel like as a seller it is our resposability to ship as secure as possible.
One it gives you (seller) the assurance and confidence you did everythign you could to make it arrive safe,
Two It may take more time and money to pack it nicely up, but it is so worth it when they smile when they open their treasure up. Three, who wants to go down to the Post Office and deal with THEM!?
Thats worth the extra box and insurance for sure!
And FOUR, you wont have to remake the lost OOAK treasure.

ps, about the envelope thing, I have had people send me things wrapped in bubble then stuffed in a white envelope. bad bad bad, still tears the paper too.
I have hope that people will start to be aware of their packaging more, and your article helps, so THANK YOU!

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