Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ring-a-Day (February 26 - March 9)

Here is a just glimpse of what EtsyMetal members have been creating for the Ring-a-Day Challenge from February 26 through March 9.

1. Kathryn Riechert 2. Maureen (cosmosmoon) 3. Nina Gibson
4. Rachelle (mikeandmary) 5. Danielle Miller 6. Mike (mikeandmary)
7. Vic (experimetal) 8. Sara Westermark 9. Laurie Brown (aubergine228)

To see many more AMAZING rings from these EtsyMetal members and non-members, please visit and wade through the Ring-a-Day flickr pool!

1 comment:

Lisa Flanders said...

You guys are too cool!


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