Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Members Kathryn Cole, KM Jewelrystudio, L.Sue Szabo

New member Kathryn Cole says that " my simple and elegant designs are influenced by my love of flowers and nature. However, I find inspiration everywhere. In a stained glass window or a piece of fabric. The inspiration becomes a drawing, a watercolor, or a pen and ink and then it is transferred into a silver design".
Much of Kathryn's work features elaborate piercing....the use of a jeweler's saw to cut designs out of metal. Welcome Kathryn! You can see more of her work at: www.KathrynCole,

New member Katie Miess Kohlhagen says that...."making jewelry is the perfect way for me to express my ever-growing passion for art, design and functionality. Both natural and architectural forms provoke my creativity. My designs can range from geometric and modern to very rustic and organic. I try not to limit my style. For me, design is essential, however, my real passion lies in technique. Finding ways to manipulate metal creates a stimulating challenge. I enjoy the unique process each piece of jewelry must undergo. Starting from the earliest ideas at the drawing board, to forming, and finishing. Experimenting with the nearly endless properties of my materials keeps me engaged and motivated to create exceptional designs". Well, not much more to say except we are excited to have you as a part of our lively group! Welcome!
You can see more of Katie's work at:

New Etsy Metal member L.Sue Szabo is not only an accomplished metalsmith, she is also a practicing physician! Her work has been featured in numerous publications, including Lark Books' 500 series on Necklaces, and Jewelry Artist Magazine, she has also shown her work in various national and international level shows, including a show of rings presented by S.N.A.G. Sue tells me "my designs are mostly inspired by modernism, minimalism, and geometry. I want my designs to be bold and dramatic presentations of simple forms." So there you have it!...welcome Sue! You can see more of Sue's work at:

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eve said...

I love reading the blogs and looking at all the stunning pieces from some off the most talented people around,x

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