Monday, April 25, 2011

Quick Tip!

I confess....I ALWAYS have a messy studio. Even when I clean it's still just an organized chaos.
But I do find it helps to have holders & specific places for each tool. Some of those big hammers & things can really get in the way!
my trick is to use plumbers pipe straps (not sure exactly what they're called). They're cheap at home depot & often sold several to a pack. The ones I used here are nice & thin, so I was able to hammer them slightly to make sure they held my ring mandrel just right.

1 comment:

somethingunique said...

Hi Rachel, great idea thanks, i'll pass on one of mine to you i use a wooden paper towel holder only instead of attaching to the wall i put in on my work desk and where the paper towels go i stradle my pliers and there right at a hands reach ttfn L:)

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