Friday, April 1, 2011

Charm Swap 7 ~ Progress report 5

Hi everyone! Charm Swap is nearing its final days and everyone is in-progress or shipped!
Now for the much anticipated waiting game, but it's Oh so worth it!
Here are some progress shots gathered in the last few days!

Meg Auth of SimplyMega
Meg has packaged and shipped! Her sweet little Operculum charms are so very clever in design, thank you Meg!

 Ann Jenkins of Tuizui
Ann has shipped and yet again makes another fabulously colorful charm with these cute crazy fine silver bobbles! Thank you Ann for another visually sweet candy charm!

Kathryn is making a Sterling Silver Koi fish inspired silhouette charm, if you follow Kathryn's work, you will see her lovely botanical inspired hand in these beautiful Koi shapes. Thank you Kathryn!

Sue is making a sweet Sterling Silver butterfly that will have tube set Aquamarines in them! Oh these are darling! Thank you Sue for working through thick and thin!

Maggie Joynt of MaggieJsDesign
Maggie is making her modern feeling Pinned Cage design for her charms, they are hand formed Copper and Sterling Silver. Thank you Maggie for jumping in on a moments notice!

 Ruby Iacuaniello of Iacua
Ruby has shipped! She has made a lovely organic Brass cast Coral, they have so much movement and life, I can't wait! Thanks Ruby!

Reagan has plans for these little Sterling Silver treasure keepers. She is going to fill them with Moss and fuzzy string! I can't wait to see these little Moss keepers in person! Thank you Reagan!
                               Nina Gibson of NinaGibsonDesigns                                     
Nina has a wonderful aesthetic about her work, it feels very graphic to me and I have always loved her pieces from every swap, and the pieces I personally own too! This charm is Copper and filigree stamping. Nina thank you for playing and shipping out today!

Special thanks to these swappers below are on schedule and have shipped!
Shae Freeman of CitizenObjects
Meg Auth of SimplyMega
Inbar Bareket of InbarBareket
Ann Jenkins of Tuizui
 Nina Gibson of NinaGibsonDesigns

Still to come will be the finished bracelet EtsyMetal Team photos and shop listing for the individual charms.
As usual it is our tradition that we will be donating 50% of the proceeds of the sale of the CS7 bracelet to Shannon of RubyGirl's choice of Youth Organization (TBD).
 These swaps have been alot of joy to be part of and I'm feeling so proud of everyone for working together to make it happen, it is a rewarding project to be a part of.
Thanks you guys, I mean it! 

On a sad side note, we unfortunately had a CS participant drop out at the last minute, but our new Charm Swap 8 hostess Michele Grady was next in line and said "I can do this!" So wow, Michele THANK YOU so much for stepping up at literally the VERY last minute, phew!  
 Welcome to the team Michele and thanks for volunteering for the CS8!
More CS7/8 news to come next week April 7th!
Thanks for reading!

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