Thursday, April 21, 2011

Charm Swap 8- week 3

It's Thursday which means it's time for a CS8 update! I can't believe it is 3 weeks in already and I still have no idea what my charms are going to look like! I am toying with a few ideas but at this stage of the game I really have nothing narrowed down.  I would like to try out something new or something I haven't done a lot of when it comes to designing my charms. It could be a new process that I am not too experienced with like photo etching or maybe even some form folding. What I do know is that some of our other members are way ahead of me when it comes to the design and creation of their charms!

And speaking of form folding....Erin Austin of Erin Austin Design is taking her inspiration for her charms from these fold formed rings that she made for the Ring a Week (RAW) challenge. She says she will make a variety of shapes and maybe change up the settings a bit. I love the warm red color of these rings!

Evelyn Markasky of Evelyn Markasky is really on the ball and has already started making her charms. She's been told that even though they are not complete that they look like "yummy figs". We will have to wait until they are finished to see if they are really figs or not! You can see her progress in the photo below.

And for her charms, Karla Wheeler of Karla Wheeler Design is playing with the idea of making some sort of variation of this ring which incorporates the use of resin. Such a fun design!

Victoria Takahashi of Experimetal says, "I have changed my mind from my original idea. I hope I will not be making a habit of this indecision fo the next 5 months!  So below you see I was going to bind the beachstones down like some stone brooches I used to make.
But now I will doing something completely different, I have made one test sample that failed miserably this week and will try again next week, and if my new idea doesn't work out I have 2 more ideas I will be exploring.  Thanks for joining us on this creative journey!"

I can't wait to see what the others will be creating for their charms....and hopefully I, Michele Grady, will have an idea for mine soon too!

*On another's a CS7 update....Shannon Conrad of RubyGirl has reported that she has received all of the CS7 charms and has been packaging them up so she can start shipping them out! YAY! Here are some photos of all the charms she received and the packaging process....Thank you Shannon and Victoria Takahashi of Experimetal for all of you hard work on CS7!


Erin Austin said...

Great post Michele! I'm so excited about this project and seeing all those charms from CS7 makes it hard for me to contain myself!!!

AdobeSol said...

wonderful progress!!

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