Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Craft show kick off- 2011

Hi, Kerry Alice here. Twigs and Heather officially kicked off craft show season this past Sunday. It's that time again to dust off  the craft show boxes in the shed and head out to the show.
We do a lot of craft shows throughout the year and around 5:15AM is about the time the day starts for us.  Cooler needs to be filled, (don't forget the waters), fuel up with breakfast, (which is hard to do so early), check for the little details like business cards, change, calculator, etc... car's packed (it's a minivan) . OK, lets do this!

       This show was Craftopia in Pawtucket RI. I have to admit, I was yawning a little and a little rusty maneuvering the dolly around at first, but after setting up, Heather and I spent the day selling our work, catching up with our craftin' buddies and seeing great art and craft.

Our next show is Andover Crafts in the Park on May 7th. This is our first outdoor show of the season. (Hello, EZ-up tent!) Hope for warm weather for us.  No rain, no rain, no rain...

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